Chevrolet & Harley ties up! Announcement of concept


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This project was conducted as a concept model as a joint project between Harley and Chevrolet, and was announced at the Las Vegas motor show SEMA. Harley doesn't like the fact that the Harley logo is just on a normal truck in this project! In any case, he seemed to be keen on this project to make a truck that solves the problem that the surfer has.
SEMA2 Creative Director Ryan Harley
Harley's Rider Kai Renny also participated in the project and provided various feedback as a surfer. SEMA3 The features of the Chevrolet Colorado Z71 HURLEY CONCEPT are as follows!
  • The base uses Chevrolet's pickup track colorado.
  • A waterproof wristband with a built -in RFID comes in, and it is automatically unlocked by holding it in front of the door logo.
  • The seat is covered with quick -drying neoprene (the same material as the wet suit), making it easy to get on and off while being wet.
  • In addition, for the remarkable adventure server, this car itself becomes WiFi HotSpot, so information such as waves and navigation using Google Maps is also a batch re -catching.
  • The storage of the rear part can be taken freely so that the luggage can be stacked efficiently.
  • Wetsuits can be dried efficiently on the storage shelf, and drinks can be stored efficiently.
  • The roof surf rack is installed with a simple code, so it is easy to load the surfboard outside.
  • Equipped with an alltererin tire (all terrain tires) on a 17 -inch wheel
  • Lift up to increase the running performance on the beach
  • The snorkel (a high muffler) is set, so it can be driven even in a deep water.
CHEVROLET-COLORADO-Z71-HURLEY-CONCEPT-002-SEMA -2016-720X477 There is still a concept model, and it seems that whether Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Hurley Concept will be released in the future by looking at the reactions in social media and car shows. The video was also added. Everyone's reaction and comments are interesting. Even so, it is a car for Gachinko Surfer and completely adventure surf. It is an image that Craig Anderson seems to be riding. I don't really like pickup trucks because the livability in the seats is worse, but (I used to travel in the back seat of the pickup truck for about 4 hours in El Salvador, but it was quite hard) It seems to be a good car to go to surf lips together.

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