[BREAKFAST SURF CLUB] Surfmeatup for women only!

It is said that the event was held at THE SUNS to eat women -only surfmeatups and breakfast at 40 Miles Station. It's the best Breakfast in the 40 Miles Station from the morning Ichi. Such hot chocolate at the sea ...
An event that looks very fun for girls. It seems that SURF was able to enjoy in various levels in an environment where women alone can enjoy it with peace of mind. If it's overseas, for example, NicaraguaChica bravaThere is a women -only surf camp, but it may be an unusual initiative in Japan. Screen-Shot-2016-10-03-AT-6-09-10-PM If you shift the peak a little, you can get a break for something like this! ? By the way, the following is a dense person in the peak of Menta Wai, and get a wide break from the best position where no one is! It's rude first. I want to surf smartly like this.

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