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by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

Giving Shopify Point Capabilities

Introducing a point function with Shopify has several benefits and drawbacks.The point program has many advantages, such as improving the customer's ratio of repeats, and acquiring new customers, but it also has some drawbacks, including the complexity of operating costs and initial settings.

This time, Shopify introduces the merits, drawbacks, and Shopify POS apps that you can use!

Benefits of introducing a point program

  • Improve Customer Loyalty
    • A point program can help facilitate buying behavior.By making a point, the customer will see to continue to do your shopping.
  • Acquire a new customer
    • For example, you can grant a point to a new member registration to help you acquire a new customer.In addition, new customers are more likely to choose your store in order to raise their points.
  • Increase purchase of repeats
    • By providing a point to an existing customer, you can promote the purchase of a repeats.By making a point, customers are likely to purchase continually.
  • Collect Customer Data
    • When you are operating a point program, you can also collect customer data and analyze the purchasing trend.This enables you to deploy a personalized marketing strategy.

Delable to install point programs

  • Expense & Setting Complexity
    • Time and resources are required to design, operate, and manage point programs, such as initial settings and monthly app costs.
  • Competition and comparison
    • Compared to other online stores, the competitive edge may be reduced if the point program is not attractive to the customer.
  • Support for
    • If a system trouble does not give a point, or the point system is not sure, it is possible that more information will be available to support the support.

3. Soot point app 3:

Loyalty Smile Reward Referrals (Shopify POS Enabled)

Loyalty Smile Reward Referrals

Of course, there are various ways to give you a variety of points, such as a basic point function such as 100 yen = 1 point, a point grant in a review, a VIP function in a purchase price, and a point grant in a member registration.

Main features

  • A variety of features that enhance engagement, such as a variety of points acquisition and vIP features, and lip-up purchases.
  • For example, a point grant is given to a member, and a point is given by a social network
  • Referral (affiliate program) to set a campaign link or coupon.
  • Customize mail send and point capture screens.
  • Supported by chat.

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards (for Shopify POS)

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards can help you increase sales and lip purchases, including loyalty, referral, and VIP programs, and save new customer acquisition costs.Easily and easily integrate with your favorite apps without coding.

Main features

  • Customize the point acquisition screen, email, and unify the brand image.
  • Integrates with favorite apps, such as email, review and customer service.
  • A referral program can be set.
  • Automatic translation of the six preset languages.
  • Support for 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

easyPoints-Point app (Shopify POS enabled)

easyPoints-Point app


Here's a point app that you can use at Shopify POS.

The point function is easy to deploy with an app, which can benefit from increased customer refrawable, while supporting and monthly payments are also available.

I'd like to choose the appropriate point program for your store.

Please feel free to ask questions about the app or Shopify building!




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