AB test with Google AdWords with Optimize!

last timeLanding page articleHowever, as I introduced Optimize, this time I will introduce the method of AB tests in cooperation with AdWords.

Things necessary

・ Google AdWord account ・ Google Analytics account ・ Link destination LP ・ Advertising lighting ・ Advertising budget

What is Google Ad Works?

Google AdWords
https://adwords.google.com/intl/ja_jp/home/#?modal_active=none An advertising service operated by Google. If the advertisement is not clicked in the PPC method, there is no charge, so you can advertise from a low budget. You can register your account with the following information. ·mail address ・ Website URL ·telephone number ·address ·family name ・ Credit card or bank account * The campaign setting screen will also appear, but it can be corrected later, so it is OK to set it. If you do not have a website, you can advertise with AdWords Express. AdWords Express https://www.google.co.jp/adwords/express/

What is Google Opty?

Google Optimize
https://optimize.google.com/ AB test service operated by Google. If you create another pattern such as text and image changes, you can edit it with a browser by downloading the extension with Chrome. In addition, AdWords and optimizes can be linked, making it easier to set AB tests than before. Please refer to the details of how to create a Google optimization account and how to set the AB test here. https://news.goriderep.com/wp/tech-lp/ * AB testing is possible with analytics, but the announcement scheduled to end in the future is displayed. [Contents actually tested: The title has been changed] Test A: Cross -border EC starting in SHOPIFY Test B: Operate online shops at SHOPIFY https://www.high-tide.info/shopify/

AdWords campaign settings

1. You can create a new campaign from the plus button. 2. Campaign type selection This time, select "Search Network" displayed on the search page 3. goal setting This time, "website traffic" is set Four. Select the campaign settings Campaign name, region, budget / click unit price, etc. ( * Settings can be changed later) 5. Set the advertising group Create a group in the campaign (set group names and search keywords) 6. Create an ad Settings, etc. displayed in the advertisement, etc. 7. Check the settings The campaign will be released in "Proceed to the campaign".

Budget setting points

Even if you set the daily budget, it may exceed the budget. As a concept of AdWords, the average amount of one day is ultimately based on one month (30.4 days). When the click is likely to be removed, it seems that the average is used up to twice the average or a day when it does not use one day. It is difficult to take average in a short test, so I asked "AdWords Phone Support" for a way to set it within the budget. The answer is, "The only countermeasure that does not exceed the budget for the day is the only measure to set a budget of 1/2 (2018.03)." If you have any questions, the response was very polite, so we recommend "AdWords Phone Support". AdWords Phone Support


AdWords and optimization AB tests can be done from a small amount, so why not try it first? You can quickly check the editing and the effect with the browser, and it is also recommended as a research.
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