A driving trip around the world with a custom land cruiser! ? Japanese couple

Click here for this Kobayashi couple's blog that a couple is traveling around the world with a custom -made land cruiserAround the world driving travelogue In fact, it is actually very expensive to go around the world by car. Yes, it seems to be much better than the first class around the world. See this article for details =>>You really need money to go around the world by car! Mr. Kobayashi sold a venture company that has been running for about nine years, and on this journey, depending on the money and time he got.
When I first considered a world drive travel plan, a young revolutionary,Choi GuevaraMovies that go through South America on a motorcycle [Motorcycle Diary I was fascinated by, and I was thinking of traveling around the world by motorcycle, but I had a partner (later my wife chika) to travel together.Changed from a motorcycle to a driving trip around the world by car
about it. Unfortunately, the back seats are packed with luggage and cannot be connected, but if you see them on the way, please call out. Kobayashi expedition couple
Although it is a wonderful couple, he travels around the world by car. Introducing some nice photos from Instagram Land Cruiser and the superb view of the world
* In October 2016 postscript It is a video that can be around the world in the 6 minutes created after the Kobayashi expedition was created after returning to Japan. And some people travel around the world by car, and some have traveled around the world with Jimny.Light car | People who traveled around the world in Jimny Moreover, books written by yourself are also hand -sold ..... It's nice to have a romance around the world by car, it costs money (・ ∀ ・) I ran around the world with a rental car, but it seems to be fun to be more excited about my car. If you travel while ridingGo Ride It can be used to share overseas! MADOKA BUS3

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