[2019 latest version] Japanese EC site at SHOPIFY! Domestic case collection

SHOPIFY, which is becoming more Japanese in the management screen However, it is still a cross -border EC, and many people may not be able to do EC for Japan. However, there are already such cases of SHOPIFY, including cross -border ECs in Japan.

Shopify domestic case

Base Food | Base Food

A food venture from Japan, which sells "the world's first nutrient staple food that can get one -third of the nutrients needed a day in one meal". You have been featured in many media.

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum is a lineup of beautiful leather items. The luxurious visuals are wonderful, but when you look at the product page, you can feel the commitment to the product carefully and each item is carefully introduced. There is also a rich reading page that conveys the story.

Japanese teahouse Hatoha

Hathaha is making high -quality Japanese tea with high -quality tea leaves nationwide, including Shizuoka. It is very easy to understand that the category of Japanese tea is the scene.


A regular purchase service that delivers recommended wine that was selected two every month. SHOPIFY is also recommended for regular EC sites.


Dog goods brand based on simple and sophisticated design. It is easy to see with a neat and simple layout, and the tone is unified and wonderful. Dog lovers are irresistible.

A BATHING APE | Avanting Epe

It is also a good thing about SHOPIFY that A Bathing APE, an apparel brand, can be used with multiple currency.

Furbo dock camera

Dog -chan's feeding IoT device owner is a product that is thankful for the dock rubber where you can check the dog with a web camera. This site is also SHOPIFY.

Go Go Curry | Go Go Curry

A curry shop in Kanazawa has recently opened in NY. It seems that sales have tripled due to renewed in SHOPIFY!

ELMERS GREEN | Elmers Green

It is an EC site for imported coffee beans by Ermas Green, which operates several cafes in Osaka. It is interesting that Brew Guide is written in detail.


Yoga wear online shop The compatibility of a wide design and such a sporty product is good.

Hoshido shop

Honestly, a martial arts store specialty store is also produced by SHOPIFY, such as such a hard and traditional product ... I was surprised.


It seems that it can be linked with Google Home, a digital wall hanging window, and I wanted it at an office or at home, but I want it if the price drops to about 10,000 yen.

BioofFect JAPAN

Bioeffect JAPAN, which sells skin care products using the Nobel Prize -winning ingredient EGF, which is awarded the Nobel Prize in Iceland. It is an online shop for Japan.

ARITA PORCELAIN LAB | Alitaposeline Lab

ARITA PORCELAIN LAB is on sale, a long -established Arita ware -porcelain, which has a history of 1804, is on sale. It was renewed in January 2018. It also supports English, French and Chinese.


AMIRISU, which runs an online magazine specialized in Japan's only knitting It sells original publications and knitting products. There is also an online shop for overseas.https://amirisu-kurumi.myshopify.com/

Kanagu Store

Founded in 1903 as a craftsman of Edo finger fittings, Kanagu Store Products of craftsmen involved in metal decoration are on sale. This is currently being sold in Japan only and is preparing overseas.

North East

North East, an online shop & gallery operated by the design office Designed books, stationary shops and graphic and web design galleries are posted.

Shopify for overseas companies and Japan


The Italian outdon brand, SAMAS, is built in SHOPIFY. Despite its outdoor brand, it is a popular brand that is highly fashionable and gains support from town use.

VERVE COFFEE ROASTERS | Wave Coffee Roasters

VERVE COFFEE ROASTERS, a coffee roaster of the United States West Coast Santa Cruise It is a site with a hot coffee shop in Japan and a pattern of expanding Japan from overseas.


KAMARQ, a reimported interior headquartered in Singapore, a Japanese person Original interior is sold. It is a company that incorporates a new style that can purchase furniture on a monthly basis.


Cowboy Craft, which has been an import and sale of American craft beer since 2016 This is also run by Japan. There are various types of American craft beers.

Shopify for Japanese companies and overseas


SEIYA JAPAN, who sells Casio and other watches overseas as cross -border EC There is a demand for Japanese watches overseas ~

Kamakura shirt

Kamakura Shirt, which is developing a shirt that can be used for a long time from business to casual Overseas online shop. You can save purchasing points by incorporating the reward program.


X JAPAN, who has enthusiastic fans overseas It is a simple making, but it is an online shop for overseas.


Mr. Toraya, an English online shop of a long -established Japanese confectionery store There are separate Japanese online shops, and overseas shops are only carefully selected products.

Snow Peak

SNOW PEAK, an English online shop of an outdoor maker in Japan This is also a separate Japanese online shop. There are clogs and nata made in Japan, and the assortment is unique. I have seen so far, but SHOPIFY has been used on various sites, and domestic achievements seem to be increasing. I would like to update this list as appropriate.
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