[Travel] Must See Sakura Spots in Tokyo Area


It is a Cherry Blossom season in Japan around this time of year in the begging of April.
You can bump into those stunning situation if you know those spots.

Meguro River

It is a one of most famous sakura spot in Tokyo, Meguro River, when it is in full bloom to fallen petal, it will create “Hana Ikada” Petal Raft on Meguro River, sometimes it can be crowded with tourists and camera guys but definitely must-visit place in this season.

Along the river, there is a good Italian restaurant La Luna Rossa, average charge per person will be around $80. You may need 2 weeks advance booking especially on weekend.

Roppongi Mid Town

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In the heart of Tokyo, one of most fancy area, Roppongi. Actually there are quite number of Sakura Trees along with Tokyo Mid Town Garden Road, that will create Sakura Tunnel.

On the right, there is a nice Italian restaurant with Terrace “Haru Yamashita” average pricing will be around $100/person. It is pretty busy around this time of year so I highly recommend at least 2 or 3 weeks advance booking.
This rule applies to all good restaurants in Tokyo around this time of year where customer can enjoy Sakura from Inside.

Minato Mirai Yokohama

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It is actually called Sakura Street. It is a good walking course from Sakura Street to Kisha michi Street in spring breeze.

Saitama Arakawa

It is relatively far from city center of Tokyo but you can spend your time more peacefully without crowds. It will be an hour plus train ride from Tokyo Station.

Yokohama Ookagawa

30 minutes south by train ride from Tokyo city center such as Shibuya, Tokyo station.
There is a Sakura festival in the first weekend of April, many streets food stands pop up and live music performance will be everywhere.

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If you are lucky enough, you can see Sakura Fubuki, Cherry blossom petal flying in the wind.

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