You can see it in 2 minutes! How to catch the world's seasonal information in Google Trends (2020 In the first heart)

by Miho Kumagai

When starting a new business, when introducing products and services on the market, it is important to keep the world trends and demand low. Google trends are recommended for such people.

Based on Google's enormous search data, you can easily check trend words identification and search volume. And! Anyone can use it for free and no registration is required.


  1. What is Google Trend?
  2. How to use Google Trends
  3. - investigate
    -Surpage ward search
    -Year in search: Looking back by search
  4. summary

1. What is Google Trend?

A search trend discovery tool that indicates the frequency of searchwords in Google search engines, Google shopping, YouTube, etc. Not only Japanese trends, but also specific countries and local trends can be checked in real time.

"Organizing information around the world,People all over the world accessByBe usedIt is a service that Google, which is the mission of ", provides free of charge.

There are three main functions:

  • investigate
  • Sudden upward ward search
  • Year in search: Looking back by search

2. How to use Google Trends

Introducing how to use it by function while using the keyword SHOPIFY as an example.


Click "Examination" from the hamburger menu on the upper left/p>

Enter the keywords you want to check for "Add search keywords"
Country, period, category, web search can be customized

If you enter the keyword, the prediction display of the topic will be displayed.

If you select a topic, you can check the search trend with a broken line graph.
I tried "SHOPIFY" for the last 12 months. The search volume is increasing worldwide!

You can also check related topics and related keywords for the corresponding keywords.

You can also compare with the functions you check!
If you compare multiple keywords, you can do it from " + comparison".

This time, I compared it with a search volume for each "SHOPIFY" notation in Japan, which I was always interested in. English notation is overwhelming! Katakana's "Shopfii" rises sharply from mid -January 2020. Because there was the following media publication!

◆ Nihon Keizai Shimbun (2020/1/23):
Amazon Killer, Shopfi Introduction of over 1 million companies

◆ Nihon Keizai Shimbun Column (2020/1/31):
"Dangerous fruits" that Chopphii's fate of Shopfi challenges Amazon

◆ TV Tokyo WBS (World Business Satellite) (2020/2/7):
Accelerate in Japan! ? Remove Amazon & Rakuten North American "Amazon Killer"

◆ PHP ONLINE Wander (The21) (2020/2/7):
[Listen to the top management] 27th SHOPIFY Japan Country Manager Mark Wang

Sudden upward ward search

Click "Sudden Up Word" from the hamburger menu on the upper left

For a rush ward search"Daily search trend"and"Real -time trend"There are two types.

"Daily search trend"

Every day, you can see the trends in each country.

Of all the searches in the past 24 hours, searches with significantly increased traffic are highlighted and updated every hour. This search trend shows the specific keywords searched and the absolute number.

It is interesting to compare the countries you are interested in.
For example, comparing the rapid rise of the same day in Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States, ...

▼ UK

▼ Australia

▼ America

There are common trends, but you can see that the country is quite different.

If you want to check the trends of the target country regularly, it is recommended to receive notifications by email or RSS!
Register the desired area, type, and frequency from the email icon on the upper right.

It is also possible to embed the trend ranking in your content.
Get the HTML code from the embedded icon <> on the upper right!

"Real -time search trend"

You can easily check the real -time trends of each country.

The story that became a hot topic with the entire Google service within the past 24 hours will be updated in real time. This story applies to topics, search interviews, hottube videos, and Google News detected in Google's algorithms, and Google News.

Year in search: Looking back by search

Click "Year in Search: Looking back by search" from the hamburger menu on the upper left

Check the search ranking by country and year.
You can look back on keywords that symbolize the year in various genres, such as topical people, topics, and 〇〇.
2019 keywords, such things and such things. nostalgic!

It would be amazing if SHOPIFY enters the 2020 keyword!

3. lastly

The only genre is to know the other person in doing business. Markets and consumers' demand changes every day. Why don't you use it for output such as site operation while input information easily with Google Trends?

At GO RIDE based in LA and Yokohama, we do one -stop from building EC sites to operations that meet your needs.
We are sensitive to world trends, such as market survey, SEO countermeasures, Google advertising operation, and creative production, and flexibly propose strategies tailored to the daily market.

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