You can easily set wholesale! SHOPIFY app "Lion WHOLESALE"


This app has ended support

Wouldn't it be convenient to be able to support B2C and B2B in one shop? Here is a Shopify app "Lion Wholesale" that realizes it.


There are several apps in "WHOLESALE", but this time I used Lion Apps. There is a 7 -day free period. Some other apps have a little complicated settings, such as embedding tags, but you can use them immediately by simply put in the app and make a simple setting.


1. It looks like this when you open the app. Set the tag in the upper right New Pricing Group. 2. Set the discount rate of tags, discount targets, discount rules, etc. Check "SELECT COLLECTIONS TO BE Discounted" to display the collection checkbox. Check "Elect Products to Be Discounted" to display the product. 3. When the setting is completed, the test method is displayed. 4. Select a tag on the customer screen to be wholesale. (If you put the cursor in the search window, the candidate tag will be displayed) When the wholesale customer logges and opens the product screen, the display will be displayed as "WHOLESALE DISCOUNT XX%", and you will be able to purchase at the discounted price. If you want to build a site only for business partners, you can use it as a member -only site without an application. How to create a member -only site in SHOPIFY


I think it will be easier to manage customers and sales because it will be easy to introduce with the app and use it on one site, so it will be easier to manage customers and sales.
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