Working hours are also reduced! How to create a style guide that enhances corporate image


The project that goes without a clear vision is like driving without navigation on a strange land. The style guide is a navigation of the design when creating a brand or website.

What is a style guide?

A style guide is a document created to unify the visuals of the brand. For basic style guides

Logo, font (typeface), color

Will enter. In addition, information on the style of the photos to be used, the guide usage of what you can not do, and the style of the document are included. In addition to this, the style guide for the website is added to the shape of the button, the hover, the click, the color of the visited link button, and the icon used.

The advantage of creating a style guide

If you have a style guide, you will not get lost in the color, fonts, or images you use. You can instantly share the image of the brand when a new person starts on a project in the future.

Later (when I asked an external engineer to request an additional page or the like), the design was changed depending on my personal preference. You can also prevent such things.

Style guides can be used not only for website production, but also for later sales promotion items, e -mail magazines, third -party products, etc., respectively.By giving a consistent part of parts, you can ultimately create a sense of unity.

And unified brands are easy to remember and easy to market, but moreYou can give a professional impression.

How to make a successful style guide

Even if you make a style guide, if it is not used in the design of the product, no one will be referenced.hereHere are some of the tip you want to be aware of when creating a style guide.

1. Check the branding strategy

Branding strategies are to clearly present the characteristics and individuality of the brand and work so that customers can recognize them with a common image. No matter how beautiful a style guide is made, unless it actually suits the image of the brand, or the user used, the quality of user experience will decrease and it will be recreated later. 。

Before creating a style guide,Brand identity (features and individuality)Let's check.

The important thing is the brand (or its website)

What is it for, and who is the user you use?

That is to reconsider the awareness.

2. I can't just put the logo

Not only puts the logo, but also put a bright color background, a dark color background, and a black and white version. Also, make a guideline that should not be done and what you can do.

3. The number of fonts (typeface) is supposed

The font is basically one or two, even if it is divided by the title and paragraph. Set the size of the font and the thickness of the line. If you set a font with a characteristic font with a thin line as a basic font, if you use it on a small color button as it is, it will be difficult to see the text ....

I think that you may increase the number of button fonts for this reason, but do not increase this page because it is limited to a limited time.

4. Start the color

The ideal brand color is two colors that support one basic color. Count black and white as one color. If you want to add color, it is recommended to use a shaved color and a tint color with black white on the basic color.

5. Don't make too much

The basic style guide is a logo, color, and font, and there is no particular thing that must be on it, and we will add what you need to match with the corresponding project.

If you have everything first, don't worry later. Even if the setting is too small from the time before the development, the style sheet will not be used unless it corresponds to the correction of the detailed problems that came out later. The style guide sets as a guide to what you really want to protectis. It is important to protect the defined items while minimizing the settings as much as possible. Don't force yourself to make things you don't know. Rather than making something that is lost, leave the title for the time being. It can be filled and shared when needed later. The style guide grows.


Something is busy, and it's easy to neglect your style guide, but don't forget that the design is always around and it's a brand or website face. No matter how good the service is, the number of fans will not increase if there is a problem with the design. For the time being, it is time and cost to fix the parts of the style of different style, and to fix all the cohesions. Just a little more time from the beginning will help you to create a style guide in the future, and your style guide will be a very strong ally that will help you in your future time and work.

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