With Corona "How do you do your back office? ]

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(1) Can the back office remote due to the influence? Is it essential to come to work?

(2) What are you doing?

(3) What is the seal related?

COVID-19 (new colon viral infection) has spread all over the world, and back offices have heard that "even if you want to introduce home or telework, you can't be due to the characteristics of business."

However, in the case of urgency like this time, there are many workplaces that have various issues left, such as "I do not know what to do even if I want to switch to work from home", "I want to do it, etc." I will tell you about the tools and security that I was actually introduced to!

(1) Can the back office remote due to the influence of COVID? Is it essential to come to work?

First of all, in order to prevent the spread of infection, "protecting the health and safety of the workers" is also the duty of the company as telework and time lag work are progressing.

I think that all companies are communicating mainly with various tools such as "Slack", "ChatWork", "Zoom", and "Google Meet".

However, the tools I mentioned earlier can be communicated to the last, but the accounting work has been to the company so far, and a large amount of applications and invoices are delivered on a daily basis, and each time the seal relay and multiple times. I think there was a check.

In addition, regarding salary calculation work, there are many time -consuming tasks, such as aggregation of monthly attendance management and checking expenses, and looking back on such daily work, "There are many tasks that can only be done in the office even if you want to work in the office. I think there are still people who are worried about "too much."

I will introduce what I felt on my skin at multiple companies and was easy to use.

Money Forward Cloud

It is an integrated solution that streamlines troublesome tasks in accounting and personnel labor.

If you use a cloud invoice, you can create and manage invoices quickly and smartly, wherever you are, and increase your business efficiency.

You can work at home without the effects of this COVID-19 (new colon viral infection).

Companies with many invoices issued, such as preparing for mailing and arranging mail, can be "email and mail" with one button.

Salary calculations are automated, so that year -end adjustments and social insurance work can be made very easy.

From a personnel labor perspective, it is possible to safely collect and manage My Number.

this,Money Forward CloudIt is a very convenient tool because it is all linked to accounting by using one!

(2) What are you doing?

I think many people feel the most uneasy about "close and in -house".

Go Ride, which I am currently working on, is on Wednesday every Wednesday, first and third Friday, and all other days of the week at home.

In principle, I go to work at 9 o'clock, but I work at home and go to work at home in order to avoid trains.

By going to work with a time difference, you can protect yourself a little, so you can go to work comfortably!

At other companies, we come to work on the day of the week to avoid secrets, or sit down a 1.5m radius diagonally.

By the way, GO RIDE is a WeWork, so you can work in your favorite area, so you can work very much!

(3) What is the seal related?

It seems that more than 60 % are forced to come to work for the seal.

I would like to promote and continue remote work, but especially the legal affairs and general affairs accounting staff have many issues that "documents and stamp culture still remain".

I think that if you use documents that are often handled in the company every day, "invoices", "quotes", "receipts", "contracts", and "contracts" are mainly necessary documents.

From the perspective of "mobility", I think it is very unrealistic that just because it is remote promotion, for example, it is, for example, to work with a huge amount of invoices and receipts for one month for one month. 。

Highly confidential documents are in -house regulations, and many companies should be the rules of filing and storing a predetermined locker. The fact that the accounting person carries around the city and bring back home is a great risk of loss and information leakage.

In a company where telework is inhibited by the "documents" and "stamps" culture, this kind of actual situation may still be true.

Among them, Go Ride is working on itI use Agree's electronic signature!

The work related to the contract is also performed by an electronic contract, and by gradually introducing electronic payments, such as omitting the stamps to documents, it is possible to sign up online without bother to go to the company, and online contracts. By managing it, the risk of loss was eliminated.

What did you think?

General affairs and accounting are gradually being able to remote! Let's aim for a safe and secure way of working with Corona while paying attention to handling personal information!


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