Why is a pipeline dangerous? The ultimate barrel where one person dies at least one year

Why pipeline is so dangerous. Posted by WORLD SURF LEAGUE ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2015
There is a video that explains why the pipeline is dangerous in the WSL, so this is an introduction.
A pipeline that creates a huge waves by hitting the leaf that suddenly becomes shallow from the offshore.
This year, Owenlight caused concussion and concussion and abstained, and below.Evan Geiselman many people remember the images of Evan Gaslman in danger. And here is the BEBE DURBIDGE Bebe Darbie problem scene from 34 seconds Because of Volcanic Reef (lava -based reef), it is easy to hit the head because the bottom is uneven and wipe -out is rapidly shallow.
I also heard from a friend that during surfing with a pipe, my feet were hooked on a cave -like place and I couldn't get out of it.
Let's take a look at what riders have been injured this year.
In 2016, the pipeline injured WCT Rider Owen Wrigtht The sequelae may remain due to cerebral hemorrhage. It seems that it may be hindered in everyday life (it seems that he surfed for the first time after the injury the other day, but even on the knee wave, stand on the board. It seems that it was not possible)
BEBE DURBIDGE Beddar Bidge broke the pelvis and travels in a wheelchair for several months, and the resurrection as a future player seems to be severe.
Evan Geiselman Wipe out during the Evan Gaslman Contest and fainted, Evan Gasleman is lucky.
A dangerous wave pipeline world top surfer who runs out of player life even in contests (reserved status).
I want to see it at least once.

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