What is the charge back that can be used when an unauthorized order? Explain from mechanism to unauthorized orders!


When you use an EC site,ChargebackHave you ever seen the word somewhere?

However, many people may not know what chargeback is.

For those who enjoy online shopping or those who run an EC site, you may lose if you don't know the charge bag.

Let's read this article and learn about charge back!

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What is charge back?

A charging back is a mechanism for a credit card to cancel the payment and refund if an order is incurred and an order occurs.

It's a system aimed at protecting consumers who use Creca.

With the generalization of online shopping in Creca year by year, the number of unauthorized use is increasing.

Chargeback is performed as a countermeasure against this increased fraud.

The importance of chargeback

This system is important for many people who enjoy online shopping using credit cards, but it is very important for site operators to avoid disadvantages.

To put it simply, it may be that the amount of money is not paid due to the chargeback, even though it provided products and services.

Let's take a look at what you need to know about charge back!

Chargeback mechanism ・ Flow

  • Card users will apply to the credit card company to cancel the payment due to unauthorized use, unpapture, damage to the product, etc.

  • The card company will receive the application and discuss whether to accept this application with the member store.

  • If the application is accepted, the chargeback will be executed. If the amount is deducted, the usage information will be deleted, and after the withdrawal, the refund procedure will be performed.

At the time of 2, merchants can tell that consumers are not unauthorized, but most of the patterns accept the application.

Measures that consumers can take

As a consumer, it is very appreciated that the amount of money used illegally by the chargeback returns. But, of course, it is important that it is not used in the first place.

Watch out for scam sites and viruses that spread on the Internet.

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Measures to allow EC sites

EC sites require measures to prevent profit loss due to chargeback.

Here are some measures that can be taken on the EC site side.

3D security

3D Secure is a system in which card holders use a password registered in advance with a card company to verify their identity when they pay. If this password is wrong, no payment will be made.

If this password is also leaked, if the usage is used, the card company will bear the burden on the chargeback.

By the way, 3D security is in the EU's SHOPIFY storeEssentialIt is.

For more informationHere

security code

Security code is the number on the back of the card. Currently, most sites have a mechanism that cannot be settled without entering this security code.

However, unlike the 3D security mentioned above, if a charge back occurs, the EC site must bear the burden.

Unauthorized inspection system

In some cases, unauthorized use can be understood by looking at the detailed order information and history, but it is too bad to do it for each order. There is a system that analyzes and verifies that information and teaches the risk of unauthorized use in advance.

Regarding SHOPIFY illegal analysis systemsHere

If unauthorized use occurs

Even if you take the above security measures, unauthorized orders may occur.

In that case, the EC site will require a variety of measures, including whether to respond to the customer and whether to consult with the police.

You need to take measures to avoid resources in this response.

Unauthorized use measures that can be used in SHOPIFY

For SHOPIFY app storeBeaconThere are apps to prevent regular customers while detecting, reducing, reducing, and preventing malicious traders on EC sites.

The application usage fee is a format in which $ 0.03 is added for each order.

If there are more than 5,000 orders a month, discounts may be applied, so it is an application that can be recommended for large EC sites.

In addition, there are many other privacy and security apps, so it is important to select an app that suits each EC.

Apps on privacy securityHere


Countermeasures for unauthorized orders are one of the important issues that both consumers and EC operators should do. Let's enjoy stress -free online shopping, gaining knowledge and taking measures to avoid damage!


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