What is smart order routing in SHOPIFY? Introducing setting methods and examples

by Takushi Matsuura

Do you know the word smart order routing?

Shopify also has a smart order routing function.

In this article, I will introduce how to use smart order routing in SHOPIFY.

What is smart order routing?

Smart Order Rooting (SOR) refers to an order that automatically selects and buys the market, which has the best prices from multiple markets, such as domestic and private exchanges.

Smart order routing in SHOPIFY

SHOPIFY is different from the above.

SHOPIFY's smart order routing function isA function that automatically assigns the optimal method for warehouses and delivery for each orderis.

Let's take a closer look.

From the store management screen, select "Settings" → "Delivery and Delivery" → "Order Rooting" will be displayed.

Shopify Admin Order Routing

From this screen, you can set the rules for allocation of shipping routes.

For example, the setting of "minimizing the split full film" is

① In one order contains product A and product B
(2) Product A is warehouse A, Product B is warehouse A in warehouse A
In that case, instead of shipping the product separately, it can be set to ship from the same warehouse location.

Depending on the address of the orderer and the characteristics of the product, the delivery fee may be different depending on the shipment from the same place from another place, so if you have such a function, it will be delivered at the optimal price. It will be possible.

In addition, it is possible to set the shipping from a location in place of the delivery destination and set the priority of the shipping warehouse, making it possible to set the rules in detail.

In addition, multiple rules can be set, and the application order is also possible.

Setting Example

Smart Order Routing Example Setting

Introducing the flow when set as shown in the image above.

The warehouse
Tokyo (all products)
Osaka (all products)
Aichi (Product A only)

will do.

There was an order for Product A and Product B from Kanagawa.

(1) Aichi warehouses, which only have only some products, are excluded from the rules of "minimizing split full films".

② Then, from the rules of "Delivering from the closest location", delivery from Tokyo warehouse, which is closer to the Kanagawa delivery address, will be decided.

What did you think.

It is a very useful feature for a merchant who has many warehouses and has different ways of holding the stock for each warehouse.

Try setting more efficient delivery using the smart order routing function!



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