What is Memorial Day? Report on American sales sales!

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a public holiday held in the United States on the last Monday of May every year.

It was held on May 29 (Mon) this year in 2023.

On this day, it is set to memorialize the deceased soldiers and thank them for their sacrifice and service.

The Memorial Day began in 1868 as the Decoration Day to memorialize the soldiers who died in the Civil War. Initially, it was limited to federal soldiers in the Civil War, but it came to include all US military soldiers who later died in other wars.

Memorial Day has events and ceremonies in various places in Japan. It is common to visit the national cemetery or a local graveyard, turn flowers on the grave of soldiers, and to have a memorial speech and parade. In addition, the American flag is also held on a semi -flag*.

Memorial Day is a holiday and many people spend time with family and friends. In addition, this day may mean the beginning of summer, and leisure activities such as barbecue and picnics are also performed.

However, Memorial Day is not just a holiday, but an important day to praise the sacrifice of soldiers.

*Half flags are raised about half from the tip of the flagpole to express condolences.

The American Memorial Day has a lot of sale!

The US Memorial Day is generally known for its thriving sale. During this period, many retailers and online stores make special sales and discounts.

Memorial Day's sales period is usually deployed over several weeks before and after the memorial day. Sale start dates and periods may vary depending on the retailer, but in general, sales tend to be focused on the weekends of Memorial Day.

A wide range of products, such as home appliances, furniture, clothing, sports supplies, automobiles, and outdoor items, may be on sale.

Online stores and real stores may also provide special coupon code, limited sale items, bundle sale, free shipping, and so on.

Here are three sales of this year in the United States!


At UNIQLO, which is familiar in Japan, we sell as "ARIGATO EVENT".

It seemed to be on sale for about two weeks from May 19 to 6/1.


This is MUJI familiar in Japan. In the United States, there are also stores in New York and other online stores.

Sitewide (all the products on the site) is 15%OFF, so you sell a fairly large -scale sale.

Crate and Barrel

CRATE and BARREL that sells furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, etc. that have headquarters in Illinois.

Many stylish products are popular.

This is also a bold discount, such as up to 70%OFF.

I bought a bath towel unintentionally.

The photo shows the CRATE AND BARREL store in Chicago. Located in the area where high -sense shops gather, the shop is spacious and sophisticated.

CRATE & BARREL Chicago store
CRATE & BARREL Chicago store


Memorial Day is an important day to praise the sacrifice of soldiers, and is also a sales season where many shops sell.

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