What is Los Angeles? A way of living to enjoy LA, a 14 -year -old EMI.

by Amelie E. Uchiike

What kind of culture and values ​​do Go Ride, which are based in LA and Yokohama, have? GO RIDE's past, present, and future of GO RIDE through interviews with working members are "GO RIDE STORY".

This is the story of EMI, LA Team Account Manager and Photographer.

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Migration in the United States. The background of living in LA

First of all, I'm interested in why EMI is now in LA!

I moved to California in 2006, 14 years ago. I thought I would live abroad someday, but for me at that time, it was unexpected. I thought it was a city that I would never live, so I think my life is very interesting. He majored in art at a university in Tokyo, and then worked for three years as an assistant at the same faculty at the same school. At the end of the three -year contract, it was decided to move to the United States due to the encounter with a person as if waiting for me, and if this is also the flow of life, I decided to make a big decision. I decided to move to the United States. (I also took the green card myself without going through a lawyer. It is something that anyone can do if I step on the stage, but I remember that I was worried about various people at the time. Lol) If you think about it, America. Until now, it wasn't just a so -called peaceful day since I decided to migrate, but my life seems to be understood day by day, and I am now easier to understand than last year. , I think last year I am very much more than when I came to the United States. I think it's a bit difficult to understand, but I think I gradually understood myself.

Real impression of living in LA

Unlike traveling and studying abroad, I think migration was a really big decision! How was it for 14 years?

For 14 years, it was so dark, sometimes in Dangerous (laughs). When I was just immigrated, my first child was just born, so I was confused about raising children in a foreign country and was trapped in the shell alone. Why did you make such a decision, and what will happen to yourself in such a flat city? 。 。 I didn't have a driver's license, and I didn't have time to get used to it anyway. The driver's license acquisition process in the United States starts with "practice" on public roads after passing the written test. In the Parkin Got of La Zoo, I practiced driving in a manual transmission car after my child sleeps every night, surrounded by coyote. After getting a car license, I was able to focus on getting used to it a little. But my usual way is to force myself. It's not like, or thinking, or not, but that moment comes suddenly in yourself. In a way, you know your timing well. 。 。 So, from that point on, I decided to forced myself to "make a new friend who speaks Japanese", and decided to first treat people who are spending time in the park in the park. Of course, at first I couldn't get used to it, and I could only be there. However, I realized that I wasn't alone because of my child, and from the "park debut", I was able to meet parents of artists and musicians with the same hobbies as myself. That was the Reward who forced him to go outside. Still, "getting used to" has waves. I forgot about painting and photos I met in college. I was actively avoiding going to a museum or gallery, rather than being white. It may have spread your potential later. I don't think it's easy to decide on your own abilities and return to a blank paper once if you don't have a very big chance.

How to break the shell! How to treat people Tips

I think that quite a lot of people can sympathize with the experience of being locked in the shell in the land where they were born and raised, their family and friends. I really respect the energy, vitality overcoming it with my own power! Are there any other tips?

How do you treat people? If you are laughing in the United States, you will get it. The same is true for men and women. I guess so in Japan. For example, even if you want to be dissatisfied with the customer service, if you say "You Saved My Day." That's the United States that I understand. Lol And what you can't do is to say that you can't do it dignifiedly. What you feel embarrassing is to say that you are embarrassed. By doing so, the awareness that it is bad is lost, and everything is fine. As is the case with people, the most different thing when I came to the United States is that the idea of ​​things has become much easier. The motto is that there are many ways to deal with things since things happened. If you are always sincere with sincerity, you will not have to panic even if gasoline is gone in the middle of the desert. Lol If you know you don't have to panic, you won't be panicked in advance. Of course, there are concerns and anxiety, and you may make an incredible failure. smile

The current state of the city of Los Angeles

It became a Corona Pan Demic, and the news was reported in California lockdown frequently. How is the current LA atmosphere?

The pandemic is getting longer. Recently, I talked to LA's friends, "Which restaurant is the last restaurant (in the restaurant)?" Even in restaurants, indoor has been unable to enter since last March. Los Angeles is long, so you can usually see the good and bad parts of this city. Friends, from Hollywood rich people to super Starving artists. Humans are usually the same no matter where they are, and I think they are unique, from solid people to sloppy people. The city is in the city and has various problems now. It was a dramatic increase in homelessness that was derived before Coronovirus. I saw a lot of painful scenes in this gorgeous city. In terms of people's values, there are so many diverse that cannot be compared with Japan, so I feel that there are everyday options for how I want to live. Politics, daily actions, what to eat. 。 。 You can really think about various things every day. I think that it is relatively easy and very blessed in the environment because it is in such a case. There are two girls, 9 and 13 years old, especially the upper child is really different from when I was 13 years old. I have a relationship and I go to a private school, but since it is a small and homely school, I am learning a lot. Lol I repeat the kids, "You are really lucky, so please serve in the future in the future." Still, I am reassuring as my heart is kind and growing up. By the way, the children have been remotely a remote class since last March. Thanks to this, the knowledge of online and personal computers seems to have come up with a lot of knowledge, and I am surprised every day, including games, including the speed of learning, the reliable behavior and speed.

Impressions of meeting Go Ride & joining the company

EMI, who is so powerful and experienced, how about Go Ride culture? I think it's still a few months after joining the company, but please tell me your frank impression.

Everyone is bilingual and very open, so it is a very easy -to -work environment for me. It's more like a "team" than "work". Anyway, now, I remember work. I mainly think that it will be done smoothly, but it is a simple and fun workplace. I'm very interested in your individual personality, so I'm looking forward to the day when the pandemic is over and you can actually meet you.


I don't think my 14 -year LA life is included in 1/3. I'm going to understand a lot, so if the world is calm and you have the opportunity, please meet me in Los Angeles. This city may sound like a stereotype, but I think it is a place where you need to have a strong will. I think that if you want to flow to the right and left, you will flow. But once the direction is decided, I think the trick is to live positively. Last year, I also took American citizenship, so I feel like I can actively participate in politics in a country full of this problem. smile


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