Isn't it the era of mouse operation only? What is the ADA compatible to be considered now?

by Subin Chan

Suddenly, are your corporate sites and EC sites adapted to those who fall under the definition of "disability"?
For example, if you have a visual limit, can you understand and operate the contents when you visit your website?

This time, our client consulted about the above -mentioned problem, and summarized the background and how to respond.
(Because it is not a way to pass all sites, please take measures that match each specification).

Because I did not consider the above, it may be each trial, so I would be grateful if you could refer to this article once.

Background to a website that also supports people with visual restrictions

Do you know the word ADA? It is an abbreviation of "Americans with Disabouties Act" and is one of the discrimination laws in the United States, "American with disabilities," translated into Japanese. There are laws in the United States mainly that prohibit racism, gender discrimination, and discrimination by countries and religions. Similarly, the "Americans with Disabilities Act" was established in the country in 1990. (In the future, it will be described as ADA.)

Americans with Disabouties Act

This is a law that eliminates discrimination against people who fall under the definition of "disability", and guarantee participation in American society as well as those who do not fall under the definition of "disability", such as employment and public services. Therefore, the definition of this "disability", which is a question, is said to be limited to one or more major physical or mental functions of the person.

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At the time of employment, the rights were given the right to apply, the right to receive an interview, and the right to have a chance to be hired and promoted, as well as those who did not fall under the "disability".
As a result, services at public facilities (restaurants, movie theaters, etc.) have the right to receive the same service as everyone, and the services that receive it should not be restricted because they are those who are under "disability". is. From the above, our client's request was to make it a site that can be operated without using a mouse that needs to be operated by looking at the screen.
Mouse is a natural tool for those who have no eyesight, but those who do not use only the keyboard to visit and operate the site.


I still think that most of the websites that are in the world cannot be operated unless they use mouse, but if they do not take ADA laws and measures, they will be pointed out according to the law. Those who operate and manage sites in the United States need to be aware.

Measures and plugin used

The client's site that received the request was built on WordPress, and when I looked for a plug -in that could respond to it considering the specifications of the template used, the following plugin was highly evaluated and used again. The method was easy, so I will introduce it.
Accessibility by Userway

Accessibility by Userway

Visit the site, such as setting the keyboard only with the keyboard, can be changed, and set to read out the contents of the site with the brightness and voice of the screen, enabling a visually restricted person. It has been developed so that users can easily select these settings. In addition, it was very easy from installing to setting, so I will introduce the method below.

Install / set plug -ins

Search and install "Accessibility by Userway" from the WordPress plug -in.


Accessibility by Userway

Then click "Settings" on the left menu and click the "Userway" menu. After transition to the screen below, enter the Email address, name, and the target site URL and click the Save Change button.

Accessibility by Userway



Then, a humanoid icon is displayed in the upper right of the site, and when you click on a mouse or tab, various support menus are displayed.



Of course, this menu can be moved and selected only with the keyboard without using a mouse.


What did you think. Although the installation and setting of plug -in were not heavy, since the existence of the ADA, it is necessary to think about those who use it in a wider area. Nowadays, there are still many sites that support ADA, but as long as the laws continue, many sites will be required to respond. Those who are considering site renewal and new construction for the United States may consider ADA compatible.

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