[Video available] GO RIDE Engineer Remote Work 1 day

by Kanae Nagaoka

GORIDE's way of working is a hybrid work type that combines work and remote work.

How do employees usually spend their remote work days?

GORIDE Front -end engineer staff and representative TOYO, we will send you a dialogue between surfing.

Please take a look at how to enjoy surfing while working, and the rewarding work as an engineer in the video!

Go Ride will provide the best performance to the client with "Creating your favorite lifestyle" as a mission.

Both Yokohama and LA have introduced a remote and flex system based on the WEWORK office.

In the company, we use Slack and online conferences to communicate with the proceedings wherever you are.

We are waiting for the entry for those who can grow together and grow together.

Go Ride is actively adopting the following positions!

  • account manager
  • designer
  • Front -end engineer
  • Back -end engineer
  • Back office


Administrative Operator



One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.