"GO SUB" for SHOPIFY support for Japanese language. Thorough explanation of functions and price comparison!

by Nicole

Providing subscription products in SHOPIFY

Introducing a subscription model on the e -commerce site has some benefits. It will be a stable source of income by a regular regular, monthly, and annual fare for sub -skop customers. In addition, by purchasing products regularly, companies can secure consistent predictable income sources and improve the LTR and customer royalties. By providing convenience, personalized experiences, special discounts exclusively for subscribers, e -commerce sites can build a strong relationship with customer -based and promote repeat purchases. Subsque models make inventory management and predictions easier. By understanding customer demand and regular orders more clearly, companies can optimize supply chains and omit waste. By introducing a subscription model, you can increase profits, improve customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

Advantages of customers who use sub -skosques

  • Convenience: You do not need to order regular purchases many times, and you can receive the product according to the schedule.
  • Time savings: In terms of regular purchases, customers do not need to find and purchase products many times and save time.
  • Cost reduction: Regular purchases are often offered at discounts and lower prices compared to single items, so long -term costs can be reduced.

Disadvantages of customers who use sub -ske

  • Commitment: Usually, you need to make regular payments, so it may not be suitable for customers whose needs and preferences fluctuate.
  • Accumulation of unused items: If you do not use regularly purchased products, unused products may remove.
  • Possibility of too much buy: Since the quantity and delivery frequency of regular purchases are fixed, you may buy more than necessary.

The merits of merchant who introduces a sub -skirt

  • Regular income: Regular purchase services are stable and predictable income sources and contribute to the E -commerce site's financial stability.
  • Improving customer retention: Subscriptions can increase the royalty and repeat rate, improve customer retention, and reduce cancellation.
  • Inventory plan: Subscription models enable more accurate inventory planning and management, reducing the risk of out -of -stock and over -stock.

Disadvantages of merchant -sama who introduces subscriads

  • Customer Support: When providing dedicated customer support for inquiries, changes, and cancellations, you may need additional resources and effort.
  • Profitable dependence: E -commerce sites, which are dependent on subscriptions, may face the problem of affecting the overall income if the customer acquisition rate and customer maintenance rate decrease.
  • Rising customer acquisition costs: Acquisition of new customers for regular purchases may require more marketing and promotion.

What is Go Sub?

GO SUB offers the cheapest in the industry, providing functions and support for businesses and businesses that want to introduce a subscription for the first time. You can easily set and provide a regular purchase plan, and there is also a feature related to Japan's characteristic EC Practis, such as the specified delivery date, and can be linked with applications such as delivery operations for Japan.

Functions list


You can check the operating status of regular purchases (subscs) depending on the numbers and graphs.

  • Total contract number
  • Number of active contracts
  • Total sub -skop sales
  • Average sales per contract
  • Cancellation rate

Subscription group
You can easily add a regular purchase option to the existing product page and customize it.

  • Registration of the subsccy cycle→ Weekly, 2 months, etc.
  • Discount rate / discount price setting→ Example: 10%OFF every month, 500 yen every 2 months, etc.
  • Settings for numerical specification discounts→ Example: 10%OFF for the first time, 5%OFF, etc. from the second time
  • Fix the order date after the second time→ Example: The first time is the date of the customer's purchase, but the second and subsequent orders are made to 15 days, etc.
  • Minimum purchase number setting→ Example: If the minimum number of purchases is 2 -after the second order cycle, customers can cancel the subscription at any time.
  • Maximum number of purchases→ Example: If the maximum number of purchases is 4 -The subscription is automatically canceled in the fourth order cycle.
  • Settings to select a regular purchase plan as standard→ If you transition to the relevant product page, regular purchase will be selected from the beginning.

Subscription contract

You can change the following contract from the application management screen.

  • Create a contract on behalf of customers who have purchased a subspecied
  • Change of contract status
  • Change of next order creation date
  • Skip next order
  • Creating a sub -skop order
  • Additional / deletion / change of products
  • Change the price of the product
  • Change of subscription plan
  • Change of postage
  • Change the delivery address
  • Request to update your payment method
  • Memo function
  • Changes in the next order date and time
  • Download the CSV of the store contract

Notification settings
You can set a notification email to send to the store. You can also customize your notification email. You can set the source e -mail address of the notification to the customer and the e -mail address of the notification email to the store.

Notification email to customers

  • Confirmation email before ordering
  • Payment failure notification email
  • Subscription contract start email
  • Subscription contract update email

Notification email to the store

  • Subscription contract start email
  • Subscription contract cancellation email
  • Subscription contract pause email
  • Subscription order skip mail
  • Exhibited email of subscription contract
  • Resume / re -purchase email of subscription contract
  • Pre -notification email for subscription order
  • Payment failure notification email
  • Error mail for subscription order

Customer account page settings

Customers can set what you can change the contents of the subscription on the customer's account page.

* The content that has been changed by the customer will be reflected from the next order cycle and will not affect the ordered order.

  • Next order change policy
  • Purchase function now
  • Change of next note date
  • Product changes, additions, deletion
  • Change quantity
  • Plan change
  • Display of delivery date
  • Hide the default delivery date
  • Change of delivery date
  • Display of delivery time
  • Hide default delivery time
  • Change of delivery time
  • Display of delivery address
  • Change of delivery address
  • Display of functions to skip the next order
  • Display of pause / resumption function
  • Display of cancellation function
  • Questionnaire at cancellation
  • Display of re -purchase function

Tag setting

You can set the subscription customers and tags to be given to the order. SHOPIFY tags can be used for customer and order management, and can be used in linked with other third -party services such as LINE, KLAVIYO, Next Engine, Open Logi, and Rosilles.

Preset customer tag

  • Give a specified tag if there is one or more subscriptions.
  • Give a specified tag if there is one or more active subscriptions in the latest 10 subscriptions.
  • After purchasing the subscription, a specified tag is granted if all the subscriptions are canceled in the latest 10 subscriptions.

Available subscription fields for creating custom customer tags

  • Subscription ID
  • Subscription status
  • Product ID
  • Product name
  • Variation ID
  • Variation name
  • SKU
  • Subscription plan name

Preset order tag

  • Give the specified tag to the order of regular purchase.
  • It can be used in cooperation with Next engine, Logress, Open Logi, etc. The number of subscriptions is limited to 100 orders.

Available subscription fields for creating custom order tags

  • Subscription ID
  • Subscription plan name
  • Number of subscriptions

Color settings

You can set the color theme of the product page and the customer account page.

* The app uses the default text color and bag ground color of the theme in use.

Product page can be set

  • Button color
  • Discount label color

Customer account page can be set

  • Button color
  • Button text color
  • Icon color
  • Status bar color
  • Text button color
  • Modal text color
  • Modal background color

Delivery date and time specified settings

The key on the delivery date and time will be added to the subscription order as Note Attributes. The delivery date will be calculated based on the settings of the store business day and the setting of the lead day of the customer contract. Delivery time is specified by the customer. If it is not specified, it will be the default time option of the store.

Delivery date and time can be set

  • At least the number of lead days for business days
  • Number of lead days for the maximum business day
  • Note Attribute key on the delivery date
    Note Attribute key for delivery time
  • Set not to add default delivery date to Note Attribute for regular orders
  • Settings that do not add default delivery time to Note Attribute for regular orders
  • Settings to take over the delivery date from the first order 
  • Settings to take over the delivery time from the first order
  • Delivery time time zone
  • Delivery time default option
  • Regular holiday setting- 
    The holidays and regular holidays are not counted as the store business day when calculating the delivery date.
  • Custom holiday settings

Subscription BOX

The subscription BOX is a form of kitting that regularly ships multiple products to customers. Customers can select products from the specified products and customize the BOX. When setting a BOX from the application management screen, the Store BOX page link is automatically created and published.

1. BOX with parent products

A parent product is a representative BOX. Each BOX allows you to set a parent product representing the BOX. In the store, if you click the product selected by the customer, it will automatically move to the BOX page. When selecting a BOX with a parent product, you can also specify the price configuration of the BOX. The price of the BOX can be set to the total BOX product or the price of the parent product. If you want to be set in the total BOX product, set the price of the parent product to 0.

2. BOX only for BOX products

There is no parent product dedicated to BOX in the BOX only BOX product, but is calculated only by the total price of the BOX product. You can access the box page link, so you can put the link or button directly into the theme or share the link directly to the customer.

Price comparison table with other sub -skop apps


Regular purchase



No code
















Monthly amount






















1.25% + 19¢

1% + 19¢



All functions of the app



The number of contracts is up to 10




Go Ride Engineer


One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.