Kumakids -Japanese baby clothes to the world

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

Kumakids is a baby product speciality shop that sells gift boxes filled with high-quality Japanese baby items. GORIDE has been involved from its inception, handling tasks such as website construction and photography for both the main visuals and the gift boxes.
We had the opportunity to speak with Janice, the founder of Kumakids, to learn more about the inspiration and motivations behind starting the brand.

What events or experiences led to the decision to start Kumakids?

When I was pregnant with my son, I researched high quality baby products best suited for Asian parents. However, it was difficult to acquire these products in North America. I had to frequently ask my friends and relatives to bring them over from Asia. I thought to myself, there must be many other parents like me! This eventually led to the first ideation of Kuma Kids.

What prompted the choice of Japanese products?

For a period of time, I traveled to Japan frequently for work. I witnessed first hand how much commitment and dedication Japanese companies put into their products, and how honest and trustworthy Japanese companies collaborate with their business partners. From my research on baby products, Japanese brands are highly sought after by Asian parents as well. After trying all kinds of baby products on the market, I noticed that I kept going back to Japanese products because they are cleverly designed, extremely durable, and often at affordable prices. After all these experiences, I decided to help the best Japanese brands and products become more accessible to parents in North America.

What kind of emotions or messages do you want to convey to your customers?

The birth of a new life is one of the most exciting moments to a family. It can also be challenging and terrifying. I hope Kuma Kids can provide parents the confidence and ease when it comes to choosing the best quality products for their little ones. Kuma Kids will do all the hard work so families can cherish these most precious early moments with their new born.

Can you share some challenges you faced in launching the brand?

As a small business just starting out, it was difficult to build relationships with brands in Japan from North America. Unlike many companies that have chosen to import through unofficial channels, I wanted to form a long term collaborative relationship with Japanese brands, helping them build their brand reputation and reach more customers in North America. Through relentless internet search, countless cold emails and calls, I was finally able to convince a few brands to join my store. I want to sincerely express my gratitude towards these brands for their trust in me and my company.

What made you choose Shopify?

Shopify is widely used by many e-commerce companies. It’s easy to understand and set up. It also provides many additional features to support entrepreneurs grow their online business. It was my first choice when considering different e-commerce solutions.

What positive outcomes resulted from collaborating with GORIDE?

GORIDE provided impeccable client services to my company and my project. I was set up with a dedicated project manager and designer, which guaranteed seamless communication throughout the project. In addition, GORIDE team was very patient with ideation, design creation and project execution. They incorporated my ideas consistently to the design, created multiple iterations until we were all satisfied and completed everything I asked for within the defined timeline. What I appreciated the most is that, GORIDE team always provided me with honest and professional advice based on their years of experiences, which allowed me to execute my vision in real life. It was such a pleasure working with GORIDE team. I would wholeheartedly recommend GORIDE to any entrepreneur looking for design, creative and website development services.




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