Work in Chicago! GO RIDE account manager one day


In recent years, there have been various ways of working, such as working, flex, remote, and working hours. Go Ride also has a working system!

If you meet certain conditions, you may work overseas or work. MIHO, a go -ride account manager who is working in Chicago using such a system, interviewed MITSUAKI living in Chicago on Work.

GO RIDE working system

To use the Go Ride working systemYou need to meet the following conditions:

  • Working in a place where there is a time difference

    • Applications and approval are required two months before the start. Consultation required for working hours due to time difference.

  • Working in a place where there is no time difference

    • Application / approval is required 1 week before

Working in Chicago

MITSUAKI: Why did you work in Chicago?

Miho: The first reason is that my husband's parents 'home is in Chicago, so I decided to go home at this time because I hadn't been able to return to my husband's parents' house for a long time due to the corona.

MITSUAKI: By the way, Miho was studying abroad in Chicago when he was a student, right?

Miho: That's right. I have been studying abroad in Chicago for about five years since I graduated from high school, and I was studying abroad for the first year. I couldn't speak English at all, so I went to ESL (English as a second language). From there, I entered the university in downtown. My major is marketing.

MITSUAKI: So it's been a long time to come to Chicago.

Miho: That's right. Actually, I have returned for the first time since I graduated from college. So it's been over 10 years.

MITSUAKI: Is it the first time in 10 years to come to the United States itself?

Miho: The United States itself had a shop in New York several times in my previous job, so I went on a business trip for about the year.

MITSUAKI: I think there is a great change in studying abroad now, but was there anything different from studying abroad?

Miho: First, it's a very different price than an environment. When I was studying abroad, it was about $ 80 per dollar or 90 yen. Now it's 140 yen, 145 yen. It's completely different. I went to the supermarket and bought food just to buy food, and it felt like I was crazy. Prices are really different. After all, it is the difference in front of the corona and after the corona. There is a feeling that the security is getting worse overall, and there is a feeling that people are not going out much.

MITSUAKI: Did you have more people in the town during your studying abroad?

Miho: That's right. That's why Japan was a holiday yesterday, so I went to downtown (Chicago's city center) for the first time. I was playing Poland vs Mexico, a soccer game, so I went to the bar and watched the game with my husband. There was also a Tuesday morning, so I might have felt that there were no people at all. After that, there are many tourists called Millennium Park, but I walked and went a little like a mall, but I think it was about half of the time I was.

Working in Chicago

Shooting location:WEWORK 330 NORTH WABASH

One day schedule

Please tell me the time schedule of the day you work by working.

Walking time schedule

It was good to work and it was hard

Mitsuaki: If you use Go Ride work, please let us know if you have any difficulty and what is hard.

Miho: The good thing was that the environment has changed dramatically. If you are in Japan, you will be busy with Slack notice and contact every day, but for half a day you work in the United States, so you can concentrate on your own work. In addition, I was able to come to Chicago because there was a Go Ride work system.

MITSUAKI: The workshops are in other companies, but I feel that there are limited companies overseas.

Miho: That's right. After that, if the team worked for 8 hours in Japan time, it would not be possible to solve it. I was able to find out if I had a little more time, or I was able to work,AsI would like to roll it up and proceed with it when everyone was sleeping. You can also work with SHOPIFY and app companies to solve the problem. If the Japanese team happens, that problem is moving forward! I thought it would be nice to have something like that.

MITSUAKI: It's not operating 24 hours a day, but it's good to be able to work hard to work while sleeping.

Miho: That's right. When I am in Japan, there are places where Slack is flying in various ways, and it is difficult to concentrate on my work.

MITSUAKI: On the contrary, is this difficult?

Miho: There is a time difference that communication is inevitable. You can only share about half with Japanese people. It is 4 hours that you can work at the same time in the same time. It's a bit difficult to have a restriction on what you want to go verbally.

MITSUAKI: Working hours were from 1:00 pm to 10 pm in the United States. It's quite different from Japan, how about?

Miho: For now, I can do it without any problems. I am grateful that my husband and my husband's family are also understood. Actually, it was better to be able to do it until midnight in Japan time, and if you work on the company, I wanted you to meet Japan time as much as possible, but that area is quite preferred. hey.

Recommended sightseeing spots in Chicago

MITSUAKI: The last question. It's a bit out of workings, but can you tell me if you have any recommended sightseeing or gourmet in Chicago?

Miho: After all, it is a Millemium Park of Chicago Downtown. Millennium Park has that bean (a sculpture called the gate of the cloud) and has an open atmosphere. Also, it is highly recommended that Chicago's landscape can be overlooked over the lake around the Shed Aquarium.

Chicago Downtown Millemium Park

Downtown Millemium Park

Gourmet was really a great place to recommend in the past. That's why it's no longer a corona. If you say Chicago food, it's Chicago Pizza.

MITSUAKI: It's a thick pizza with that deep dish.

Miho: There are Chicago Dog. Plenty of vegetables. I also bought my husband. It's delicious. It looks like you don't use ketchup. I get angry when I put on a ketchup. Lol If you ketchup, your husband gets angry. Lol After all, Chicago people get angry. It's a joke, but while laughing, it's no good.

(In the legitimate recipe of Chicago Dog, it is considered an evil way to add a ketchup.)

MITSUAKI: Did you go here often during your studying abroad?

Miho: It was a chain store on parade. I want to go again this time. First, chipotle. Tacos.

The rest is Jimmy John's. Jimmy John's is a sandwich. The bread is delicious.
And Panera Bread. This is also a sandwich.
When I was a student, there were shops near the school and I went there a lot, so I want to go again this time.

MITSUAKI: Is there anything else you want to go to in Chicago during this stay?

Miho: I don't really feel like sightseeing. To put it simply, it is a good shopping for BFCM (Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday), which is in the first business season in the United States, because it is a black friday and staying period. It will be a great price cut. Indeed, 30%, 40%. As expected, there is no intention to line up early in the morning, but I'm a little interested. I'm wondering how exciting it will be. I was terrible 10 years ago when I was a student, but I wonder what I have after Corona.

MITSUAKI: Maybe that is the transition to online sales. The number of merchants who started using SHOPIFY for Corona is increasing considerably.

Thank you for today!

Used in Yokohama and LA Office!

Used in Yokohama and LA Office!

Go Ride is actively adopting the following positions!

  • account manager

  • designer

  • Front -end engineer

  • Back -end engineer

  • Back office

Go Ride will continue to provide the best performance to the client with "Create LifeStyle You Love" as a mission.

Both Yokohama and LA are based in the WEWORK office and have introduced a remote and flex system.

In the company, we use Slack and online conferences to communicate smoothly anywhere.

We are waiting for the entry for those who can grow together and grow together.


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