What is a flagship store called “LESS IS MORE”? A new form of flagship store started by digital native brands

by Marina Fujihara


everyone is"Flagship store (flagship store)"What kind of store will you imagine when you hear?

In Wikipedia, the flagship store is "The largest facilities and scale of the company, or a pioneering store that will try pioneeringIs explained.

It is new to remember that Starbucks's flagship store "Starbucks Reserved Loaster Tokyo" opened in Nakameguro and showed great excitement.

When you hear a flagship store, you often get the impression that a huge brand is a good store. Of course, there are many such flagship stores, but the trend has changed dramatically in recent years.

In this article, I would like to think about the future of flagship and road stores based on the actual LA D2C visit report.

1. Flagship store by digital native brands

Until now, hundreds of huge brands have a flagship store at the core. In recent years, however, D2C's digital native brand, which was originally sold at online stores only, has set up a flagship store. This is especially common in apparel brands, beauty and cosmetic brands.

Everyone, this article on Go Ride News[Finally landing in Japan! I went to the D2C brand ALLBIRDS store. ]Did you see? Allbirds is a D2C digital native brand that has a flagship store. After sales online only started in 2016, we opened the first flagship store in New York in 2017.

2. Creating a store that is not just selling products

The biggest feature of a new form of flagship store is that it is a shop that provides "experience" to consumers.I guess there are many people who buy products online. That is why it is particularly important to be added value in actual stores.

EverlaneThe apparel brand born in San Francisco is also known as the rise of this business model.

Everlane started selling products only on the online store in 2010 and announced the mobile app in 2015. In 2017, we opened our first flagship store in New York.


The simple and clean interior is impressive. In Everlane's actual stores, one -hour styling sessions from the store ambassador can be booked online, providing such a sophisticated shopping experience and more personalized experiences. 。

3. Small shops / few stocks

Flagship store trendsSmall shops, few stocks

Previously, the "flagship store" had the image of "a huge and more stock than other actual stores". However, it seems that it is no longer necessary for brands that are mainly online sales.

Because, as mentioned earlier, a new style flagship store emphasizes providing experiences to consumers from brands, so it is enough to have a small stock on a small scale.

In other words, the products placed at the flagship store are more carefully selected. You can also effectively convey the brand image and message to consumers.

I introduced earlierALLBIRDS articleAmong them, GO RIDE members commented on the ALLBIRDS Harajuku store like this.

Although the inside of the store is not wide due to its elongated construction, it is a space with no cramped and pressure on sneakers on the walls one pair.

The popular ALLBIRDS store, which is very popular around the world, has a relatively small and friendly atmosphere, unlike the image of the flagship store so far.

4. LA D2C store visit report by GO RIDE members

What is the store of the American D2C brand like? So, GO RIDE's LA members actually experienced it. This time I visited the Everlane store I introduced earlier.

A store in Abbot Kinney, located along the coast near the center of Los Angeles.

The store has a clean atmosphere based on white. You can relax and enjoy shopping with a relaxing space and display.

Speaking of EverlaneRadical Transparency (thorough transparency)A brand that sells. The online store is also described as follows.

Thorough transparency
A brand message is written on the wall of the store. While watching the clothes, you can see what kind of brand it is.
ALLBIRDS was also mixed with the display inside the store, and it was written that the brands we wanted to convey, such as the materials used.
It is a store that you do not see much yet even if you are shopping in Tokyo.
Because it is a D2C brand that does not pass through an intermediate company, we are creating fans that can empathize by directly sending messages to consumers.
A touch panel where you can see the online store in the store. For example, you can find the product you want here and ask the clerk, or even if you don't have stock in the store, you can check if it is online.
The LA team's opinion, "It is good to understand the wearing image without fitting!"
The monitor installed before the fitting. If you enter your name and phone number when the fitting is crowded, you will send you an SMS notification if it is in your order.
"I'm waiting for you!"
We play a role in creating a space where you can enjoy a relaxed shopping experience.
The flagship store and the actual store developed by the D2C brand are packed with various ideas that embody the brand's thoughts. Now that you are full of things online, you may be able to experience not only the purpose of buying products, but also the brand view of the brand.

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