Video editing free software Aviutl that can be used for web production and promotion

by Tomoe Onishi

Recently, video markets such as YouTube and video advertising are showing excitement. Now the video is very familiar.

Isn't there a lot of companies in the company who want to incorporate not only images in promotions and online ads but also videos?

reference:[Use of video advertising] The most important KPI is the number of views and the number of viewers

The video boom has spread not only to the business scene, but also on the smartphone editing application services, and has spread to the general public.

However, there are limits, such as resolution problems, detailed effects and telops in video editing on smartphones.

Therefore, this time it can be used completely free of charge.Completely free free software "Aviutl" that can make high quality imagesI'd like to introduce_______
* OS is only compatible with Windows

What is Aviutl?

Free software for video editing.

It is excellent in extension, and by introducing various external plugins of freeware, you can make a professional video if you master it.

It is also suitable for those who want to create high -quality movies, from posted videos on YouTube to wedding movies and full -fledged promotion movies.

It is a little difficult to get on the interface that is not decorated compared to paid software, but once you install and learn how to use it, you can make a video unexpectedly easily.

What you can do with Aviutl

Insert telops (subtitles) that insert telops (subtitles) Cut audio input of videos that connect multiple videos Cut audio input image quality, color tone correction mosaic Double -speed, slow, reverse playback video encoding in various videos. (Compression) It is a lineup that can hardly be possible as a video editing software, such as preservation of frequently used effects with the 3D edit alias function by camera control.

AVIUTL is a little regrettable

Full HD (1920 × 1080) or higher high -resolution videos cannot be edited Due to the 32 -bit software, editing a high -resolution video becomes unstable, and even a high -spec PC may end or have poor operation.

I think there is no problem because it can be said that there is almost no full HD or higher video in everyday life.
The function is too substantial and it is difficult to operate Because of the large number of functions, you may not be able to operate intuitively compared to paid software, and you may have a hard time if you are not used to simple editing.

It is a level that is not a problem for those who are used to PCs or are inquisitive.

In addition, if you use an alias function that can be used to use the often used and processes immediately, the number of steps will be significantly reduced and the editing time will be reduced.

How to install

[Click here for installation] Aviutl room [Installation reference video]

Effective video use examples on websites

Go Ride's corporate site The scene conversion (scene change) can create various effects by adding volunteer external plugins.

Brand shop Iseya (Sapporo Susukino) If you make full use of the function, you can also create an animation effect that dances the flower at the beginning.

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