Utilize Instagram as an EC site CV up by linking "SNAPPPT"!

by Tomoe Onishi
In the United States and Europe, marketing methods that use Instagram (Instagram) photos on EC sites are expanding.

The number of EC sites that use Instagram for promotion has also increased in Japan.

The most standard method of posting product images and installing Instagram widgets on the EC site, but this time we will introduce the free tool "SNAPPPT" that allows you to purchase products from widgets.

There is no restriction on the available platform.

The following platforms have extended plugins with various functions.
    • WordPress (WOOCOMMERCE)
    • Shopify
    • Supadupa
    • Etsy
* Plugins such as Magento and Squarespace seem to be under development.

What is Snapptt?

Snapptt is a free tool that allows you to make a shopping profile by secondary use of Instagram (Instagram) posted images.

This allows you to convert the posted images of Instagram to your own site.

Through profile pages and embedded widgets, users and followers can directly access the product page that can purchase products.

https://player.vimeo.com/video/193733383 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv899hkq3k

There is no function to sell products directly from Instagram (as of December 2017), but in cooperation with Snapppt, a profile that can purchase products by secondary use of images posted on Instagram.

You will be able to purchase products directly from the profile, and you will be able to connect Instagram and EC sites.

What you can do with Snapptt

Snapptt can select and display only the products you want to sell from posts on Instagram.

After selecting the posted image you want to display, you can put up to 10 product links to any position in the image.
[Image of Snappt profile page]
Snapppt provides an embedded function that allows you to install Snapppt feed on any page of the store and store, and can be installed on the website as a gallery, catalog, and Instagram shop that can be purchased directly as its own content.
[Snappt widget embedded image]

Advantages of using Snapppt on EC sites

・ The sections displayed at the EC site top are common in new products, recommended products, categories and seasonal banners, but by installing Snapppt embedded widgets, the number of cuts to show users is increased, so the product conversion rate is increased. Up can be expected.

・ Unlike the plug -in or app that displays the Instagram feed, it can be linked to the product details page and can be purchased as it is, so it is directly linked to the purchase of the product.

・ By installing Snapppt widgets on your own EC site, you can publicize your Instagram account, which will increase the number of Instagram followers.

Precautions when using Snappt

・ Because it is a bridging plug -in for Instagram and its own EC site,Links to the product page added in Snapppt are not displayed on the Instagram account.

Links to the product page are displayed only in the Snappt profile.

・ Snappt's profile page and Snappt embedded widgets show only the posted images selected from the Snapppt settings.

It is designed to be curated only with the items selected by confidence, not all of the posted images of Instagram.

Used in Shopify and WordPress

Snappt official
Snappt -Make Your Instagram Shoppable

There is no Japanese explanation, but the video and tutorials on how to use are substantial.
Download plug -in for SHOPIFY
Instagram Shop by Snappt / Shopify App Store
Download plugin for Wrodpress
Instagram Shop by Snapptt

Bonus "Instagram Shop function" future flow

It is a shopping function that can be purchased directly from Instagram, which has been tested by 20 overseas apparel brand companies, but it has been about a year since the announcement, and the scheduled time of the domestic and overseas release has not been announced at present, but it will be expanded in the future. I think it will go.

Since the payment is possible directly, if the official release is decided, you will be able to sell the product only on Instagram.


In addition, it seems that SHOPIFY is testing a function that allows you to purchase products directly from Instagram. (As of December 2017) This is also a function that is expected to be implemented, but is expected.

Reference: https://www.shopify.com/instagram


In the EC site operation, attracting customers through Instagram has become indispensable. Since it is free and you can use the posted image secondary, if you have an Instagram count, I think that there will be no loss by introducing it.

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.