Travel to the camper that I went to at CARSTAY

by Toyo Hirashima

It was a hot topic since I was doing a campaign on TwitterCarstay I loved surfing and staying in the car, and I was looking at it for a long time.

Under such circumstances, when I applied on Twitter, I won the winning, so I actually used it with the members of the company.

It is a surfboard, but the camper can be loaded with a board, and it is recommended that the inside of the car can be used spaciously.

The inside is also a two -stage bed, so you can sit on the upper row and work.

First, I left the office and headed for Ibaraki.

It was a fun space where you could move while looking at the sea gracefully while moving.

After installing a tent site, there are members who stepped on the dog's feces and decided to flow with a surfing polytank.

First of all, surfing starts

One piece full of dynamism that happened to be taken

The members who did not surf were working on the beach like this.

Barbecue starts at the same time as surfing

The day it rained slightly in the middle of the night, but the members who slept in a car were sleeping without getting up.

Chill is also possible where the scenery is good by appearing in the camper like this.

Members who are sick due to car sickness on the second day, you can sit backwards and work, so you may be drunk when you are immersed.

The finale was played with a drone and played.

That's why it was two days and one night, but it was a very enjoyable content. If you can prepare a Wifi environment, I think that you can actually use it without any problems.

I wanted to use it while traveling while traveling at another time.


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