[Travel] The autumn leaves of Kokia in Hitachi Seaside Park are at best seen with Go Ride, and the gasoline fee is also advantageous!

Exhibition:Hitachi Seaside Park Hitachi Kaihin Park is a famous flower spot near the sea. There are many beautiful parks along the sea in Ibaraki.Hitachi Seaside ParkNow, the autumn leaves of Kokia (broom grass) are at the best peak. Cosmos and Kivanacosmos are also 7 minutes Saki, and please see the world like a beautiful fairy tale, which is red, pink and yellow. The contrast between the sky, the sea blue, red, and yellow from the Miharashi Hill shines even more beautiful. By the wayAround mid -OctoberThat's right! DSC_2819-1030X400 DSC_25951-1030X400 DSC_26541-1030X400 Introducing Instagram from here, you can go from Tokyo in less than 2 hours, so how about a driving schedule for driving? The Joban Expressway is empty and easy to drive, so it is perfect for autumn drives!
I'd love toGo RideLet's play with it and enjoy it together! MADOKA BUS3 Autumn leaves related articles [Weekend Drive] Autumn leaves drive of the postcard "Nikko Irohasaka" Hakone's autumn leaves drive time and recommended spot! Karuizawa Autumn Leaves Drive View Spots and Unbody Pond 4K Video Autumn leaves spot Sagami Lake that can be reached in just one hour from Tokyo The autumn leaves of Kiyomizu -dera are amazing! Light-up is also the official Instagram of Kiyomizu-dera Temple on November 14 (Sat) -12/6 (Sun)! Let's go to see the Yokohama vertical canoe festival and autumn leaves! 10/18 (Sun) Perfect for the secrets of the city center, yellow leaves spot drive!

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