Tips for producing corporate sites including videos and easy video shooting

In recent years, the opportunity to request video shooting at the same time as web construction is increasing.

If you shoot a video once, you can arrange as much as you want, and it can be used for web advertising and digital signage, so it is a delicious web production twice with a good cospa grain.

Go RideAs with the web, if there is a video on the top, it will be easier to convey the image in one shot!

This time, we made the web production and video production of Sapporo's brand shop, and the model was prepared, but it was very fun to think about the composition.

We are currently working hard, and this kind of site is fun.

We will report this as soon as it is completed.

Depending on the video shooting while there is a budget limit, there is an interesting way to do anything.

This time, the videos below are the videos below, the video below, the video will quickly become professional.

In particular, it was a great study to be able to shoot images that would be quite good just by raising the handle with two pairs of tripods.

I tried a lot of cheap stabilizers, but the conclusion was not good.

To be honest, it was more stable to move with a tripod on a business bogie, or sitting on a chair with a wheels and pushing it.

The price is expensive, but if you don't buy an electric, you can't feel like moving quickly.

The stability of GO PRO Stabilizer is amazing.

I guess that the combination of iPhone7 & Go Pro Hero5 and the stabilizer below is the strongest cospa because the price is a stabilizer for single -lens.

Once the iPhone 8 is released, I would like to take this combination or do pounding.

The same applies to this, and the manual slider was quite caught.

Regarding this slider, it was very difficult for other photographers to keep a review on a tripod on a tripod.

Next time I try an electric slider and I want to write a review again.

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.