Three hints and techniques of search engine optimization on e -commerce sites using SHOPIFY


What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization(Search Engine Optimization, SEO)

Refers to methods and strategies for displaying websites and content at the top of the search engine.

By taking SEO measures, when a user searches with a search engine such as Google or Yahoo!

You can expect to display your site higher on the search results page.

In this article, we will introduce three hints and techniques of search engine optimization for brand companies that use the EC platform "SHOPIFY".

Reasons why search engine optimization is important in EC mail order site management

The target customer reaches the site and differentiates from competitors

Search engine optimization is extremely important in operating EC mail order sites. Because many customers are Google and Yahoo!Search engineI search for products and services, and shop while comparing with competitors.

Therefore, in search engines, competitionTo differentiate itself and get the company to visit more, aim for the higher -ranking search results.

Take measures to make the target customer access to the site and be dominant in the intensifying market.

Three hints to aim for higher -ranking in search results

1. How to attach a product name (optimization of product feed)

The importance of selecting keywords and countermeasures

The product name to be registered in Shopify is part of the headline and explanation displayed in the search results.Selection of keywords and countermeasuresIs very important.

First, we will investigate popular keywords related to our products and services, and aim to improve search engines in the product name. Also, the product name isUniquenessorcharmIt is also important to have it. Create an attractive product name that makes customers interested and click and visit a detailed page.

2. Easy -to -understand URL settings

Change the URL of the product and page

Easy -to -understand URL settings are important for improving recognition in search results and improving user convenience. Create a short and concise URL and accurately express the product and category. Including keywords makes it easier for search engines to understand. By clicking the URL directly from the search results, it is easier to access accurate pages.

The URL name to be set is a random symbol in Japanese, so make sure to set it in English words.

3. Match the search intention of the user

Understand the needs of users and provide appropriate information at the right time

It is important to make the keyword searched by the user and the contents of the product displayed more. Understanding user search intent and providing content that matches it can improve user experience.

By properly placing keywords and optimizing product descriptions and metadata, you can hit the information you want and access easily.


Utilizing these three hints and techniques, your site using SHOPIFY will be displayed higher in search engines, increasing the number of accesses (PV) and improving sales.

Search engine optimization is an essential SEO countermeasures for reaching target customers and differentiating brand companies in the fierce online market.

It is also important to regularly reconsider keywords, analyze competitors, update content and improve content.

The key to success is to evolve search engine optimization while always responding to changes in the latest trends and search engines.

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