Thorough comparison of SHOPIFY and ECFORCE cart system!

by Tomoe Onishi

What is the best EC cart system?

In recent years, the market size and EC rate of ECs have been growing not only in global but also in Japan.

If you want to launch an EC newly, the purpose of the EC business, and to renew the existing EC, based on the current issue, the best ECs depending on the product, business phase, necessary requirements, functions, etc. The cart is different.

Therefore, this time, we will explain the "SHOPIFY" and "ECFORCE", a cloud -type SaaS cart system that is also used in Japan.

Basic information between SHOPIFY and ECFORCE


Shopify is an EC platform from Canada. It originated in Canada, but it also supports multilinguals in Japanese. SHOPIFY has an app that costs over 8,000 yen,Easy and low -cost expansion, customization, business efficiency, etc. of EC sitesIt is also characteristic.

The management screen is a simple interface, which can be easily operated by beginners even for EC sites.


ECFORCE is Japan's first EC cart system.

Equipped with advanced marketing functions from CVR improvement required for EC site management, EFO / Web customer service / CRM and advertising analysis.
D2There are aspects that are specialized in C,With an advanced analysis function, LP creation and advertising ROI can be maximizedis.

Naturally, Japanese is standard for Japanese, and there is a lot of support in consideration of consumer protection based on Japanese law.

SHOPIFY and ECFORCE costs, service comparison table

Initial cost none Standard plan: 148,000 yen
Expert Plan: 248,000 yen
Migration plan: Matters required
Monthly cost Basic: $ 33
Standard: $ 92
Premium: $ 399
(25 % off annual payment)
Plus: $ 2,000 ~
Standard plan: 49,800 yen
Expert plan: 99,800 yen
Transition plan: 99,800 yen
Number of pre -ordered reservations
No limit Standard plan: 2,000 per month
Expert Plan: Unlimited
Transition plan: Unlimited
Can be possible regardless of plan (from no code to those that need engineers depending on the customization content) Standard Plan: Unfamily Expert Plan: possible
Transition plan: Not possible
support system Chat/Email/Help Page/Community Forum


Regarding supportSometimes a contract with an operation and maintenance partner may be able to respond by chat tools such as Slack or by phone. (Click here for our SHOPIFY support plan)Here

Examples of introduction of SHOPIFY and ECFORCE

SHOPIFY introduction case

1.NEW ERA (New Era)

It is a sports item brand born in the United States and uses SHOPIFY PLUS, a SHOPIFY enterprise plan.
Even in the EC, the stock status of the actual store is in real time, and it is a very helpful service for users who want to check or consider purchases at nearby stores.

In addition, the New Era La Word for New Era Fans will receive benefits such as pre -access at the time of the release of popular products and invitations for members -only events according to the number of points.

It is an EC site that has a firm implementation of measures that will lead to improving customer experience and promoting fanization.


Francfranc is an interior shop that proposes furniture and interior miscellaneous goods.

Point programs are linked between actual stores and online, making it a company that quickly incorporates OMO.

3. John Masters Organics (John Master Organic)

Brands such as hair care, body care, skin care, etc. made with carefully selected organic and natural ingredients.

This also provides directly managed stores and Mile programs common to EC.Due to the handling of regular flights, we perform effective measures for improving LTV and fostering repeater.

Because it is a product with gifts demand, gifts on the EC site are also provided.


GO RIDE construction case

It is sold mainly for petit price accessories and miscellaneous goods such as accessories, earrings, and earrings.

The inside of the store that handles a variety of products and many SKUs is organized and designed so that users can easily search and migrate.

Instagram customers and staff styling are posted as UGC content, which is an example of promoting purchasing.

Introduction of ECFORCE

1.Bulk Homme

Men's skin care D2C brand.

We take in PDCAs one after another for measures with needs, such as the introduction of settlements on Amazon Pay and improvement around the cart, and we also have regular purchase services.

2.Phoebe Beauty Up

He also operates beauty media, and is a cosmetic brand launched by Miki Ozaki, who appeared on a reality program.

From a thorough customer perspective, we emphasize the amount and speed of the site improvement, the amount and speed of the measures, and focus on marketing measures such as CRM and UGC.


Complete nutrition protein brand.

Like other D2C brands, multiple LPs have been created to verify the effect, and by turning PDCA using "Form -integrated LP" that can be updated with no -code, which is the function of ECFORCE, it seems that CVR improves. is.

Which cart system is better after all?

In conclusion, which cart system compares bothOverwhelmingly dominantThere is no such thing.

  • Shopify is suitable for development and cross -border
  • ECFORCE is suitable for marketing measures

There is a theory, but on the other handIs the characteristic of the one on the other hand? That is not the case.
Each of them is rich in customizability, and various marketing measures can be implemented.

It is necessary to select a system that can maximize ROI (Return On Investment = investment profit ratio) as an EC business as well as visible costs and services.

… However, there is no body or lid in “any cart system is fine”, so I will tell you a recommended case at the end.

If there are many development requirements, such as improving and improving carts and check -outs, and external system cooperation, and are expected to increase requirements, scalable with flexibility and expandability.ShopifyRecommended!

If you want to increase the efficiency of acquiring in the shortest time with a small SKU D2C brand while doing AB testing of LP, etc.ECFORCERecommended!

Since the development of the cart system is progressing every day, it is an opinion that you want to refer to as a reference only in the current situation.


The compatibility of the cart system has a significant effect on the current task, the measures you want to focus, and the internal resource status of the business operator, so we recommend that you carefully examine the requirements and professional components (merit and disadvantages)!

Tomoe Onishi

Tomoe Onishi


He is in charge of many EC site design and UI/UX design in Japan and overseas. Based on the experience of EC operation manager, he is good at design from the end user.


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