This is a hippy town! Nimbin Australia

Hello! This is MADOKA! Do you know the location of nimbin? About an hour by car from BYRONBAY, where I lived in Australia, is a small rural town in the mountains. Is it closer to the village rather than a town? Byronbay is also a town with a lot of hippies, but Nimbin is Australian representative Hippy Town! The first impression when I visited Nimbin is full of exoticism! Is there such a world! It was shocking like that ... departure~! ! GO RIDE with everyone! After all it is a great deal to get across, and above all, everyone is fun! Img_5395_2 Processed with vscocam with C1 preset Just take a photo while taking a break on the mountain road! Is there really a town? I finally found a signboard on a mountain path. Img_5457 The moment you arrive, the unusual atmosphere and smell. smile Cafe that was right after getting off the car Img_5413 Img_5412 Everyone has red eyes and fluffy and rolled the leaves. 。 。 smile Townscape Img_5415 Img_5416_2 Img_5418_2 "Happy High Herbs" Img_5451 Img_5420_2 In the town, there are only free Happy people who came with hippies from children to the elderly. As you walk around the town, you can talk by hippies and sell marijuana cookies. smile To the bookstore Img_5464 Img_5421_2 There is no decent book! Full of such dubious books! smile Another dubious store! Img_5432 Img_5430_2 Img_5427 HEMP ICE CREAM?!? !!?!?! Img_5442 Brazilian friend, chocolate flavor. smile It's a normal chocolate ice! I said. smile Img_5429_2 Here, inside the store. This is a shop that sells clothes and miscellaneous goods. Img_5424 Img_5433 Hippie small clothes. Img_5426 Such a huge thing on the ceiling ... lol Img_5435_2 It was a shocking place that I thought it was amazing that such a town existed! Residents are seriously working to change the law (marijuana legalization), and seem to be distributing leaflets and collecting signatures in the town. A harvest festival is held once a year in May. Img_5437_2 Great impact from the poster! ! Nimbin, which is usually quiet, is a festival where many people from all over the world only gather, and the parade is open and exciting. So I went to this festival last May! smile (I'm not a marijuana poisoning nor a hippie) lol This was also a great festival. 。 。 I will write a report article again! If you are going to go to the Gold Coast or Byron Bay, it may be a good idea to go a little further. By the way, there is also a bus to Nin Bin, a flashy rainbow -colored Rainbow -colored! Processed with vscocam with Hb2 preset Img_5399_2 That's it for Hippy Town, Australia, Nimbin report!

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