There is a video of whether it is a big success in Japan, which can ride in the city that can ride in the city that can ride in the city.

Wagon Goals Right Here Posted by Steezburger On Friday, Decementer 11, 2015
First, see this video! Originally, it is a Volkswagen wagon with a total length of about 5 meters, but when you press the button, it extends 2 meters behind.
As a result, the total length is 7 meters, and it becomes a full -size camping car.
This is very helpful in Japan, where the road is narrow.
It seems to be the most convenient to use as a normal wagon and make it long only in a car or camp.
The stretched part can withstand up to 600 kg, so you can put anything.
This seems to be popular in the future camping market as a camping car that can be used in Volkswagent transporter town.

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