The world's top riders are coming! Ichinomiya Open 2016

This is the first time in about three years that QS big events will be held in Japan. The world's top riders will fight hot in Chiba over the big points (Men's QS6000 Women's QS1000). A luxurious event with over 15 million yen. Ichinomiya CHIBA OPEN, which starts in Ichinomiya, Chiba Prefecture, goes to meet the best surfers gathering from the world, the Men's QS6000 and the Women's QS1000. QS6000_680 Click here for live broadcast Holding period:2016.5.23 (Mon) -30 (Mon), 22 (Sun) Men's Trial R48 Venue:Ichinomiya -cho, Chosei -gun, Chiba (7: 00-17: 00) Total prize money:QS Men's 6,000 / US $ 150,000-, QS Women's 1,000 / US $ 2,500- Mainly:WORLD SURF LEAGUE The number of participants: 270 people Support:Chiba Prefecture, Ichinomiya Town, Ichinomiya Town Tourism Association, Ichinomiya Town Surfing Association Special sponsor:GoPro There is a considerable distance from the Shonan area, so please comeGo RideI would like to play with and watch the battle between the world's top riders! MADOKA BUS3

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