The world's largest coworking WEWORK @ Silicon Beach (LA) 11 points

WEWORK, which has been increasing with the world of overwhelming worlds, has raised about 170 billion yen ($ 1.69 Billion) with eight round funding, and of course the share has become the No. 1 co -working space in the world. increase.
(detailCrunch Base) Sales next year in 2017, CEO's Adam Neumann Adam Newman will respond in an interview with FORBES.

Forbes * November 2017 Postscript Wework is finally coming to Japan.

It seems that it can be inside ARK HILLS and GINZA SIX, and the price is quite likely to pop out.

105,000 yen per seat! ! !

Isn't the price you can't think of in Japanese coworking?

It is currently open, but it seems that you are also doing office tours, so I hope you can apply.

This time, I was interviewed by LA's Playa Vista. The so -called silicone beach is an area called Silicon Beach, there is a huge LA office of Google next to it, the surrounding Venice Beach has a SNAP Chat (snap chat) and a LA office on Facebook, which is countless startups. Is crowded.

The number of co -working has increased considerably in Japan, but I have never seen such a huge thing. It seems to be the largest Wework on the West Coast with a seat of 1600 seats.
(As of November 2016, some floors have not yet opened)

Now, from here on, I would like to take a look at what the contents are.

In particular, I would like to tell you what is different from Japanese co -working.

By the way, it has already been advanced to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

the outside looks like this


Coco is different WEWORK

1. Anyway, stupid and open

The entrance area is open.


I'm happy for dog lovers because I can bring dogs.


There is a chess and so on. I want to remember the rules and do a little.


There is a board game that doesn't understand how to play ....


I use it when I have a sunshine on the terrace seats, or when I have lunch and eat.

3rd floor floor img_2331.jpg

Anyway, it has a wide and open design and design.

Really a level that you want to live here as it is


It will be a desk space.

It's good to be able to see the outside scenery from any seat because all the walls are glass.

All the walls of the company that can put more than 10 people are glass


It is very easy to use when you have a font booth phone and you don't want to be asked.

This is not so much in Japan.

By the way, the Instagram below is a photo when I went to Downtown La's WEWORK.

Great scenery!

La Downtown, Sky Is the Limit #california #city #downtown #nomadlife

A photo posted by go ride (@go_ride_jp) on

Be creative .. #goride #Ladowntown #Losangeles

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2. All -you -can -drink kitchen drinks (including beer)

As soon as you pass through the entrance


All -you -can -drink beer, coffee, tea, milk and orange juice.


On Friday, many people drink pie and craft beer at Happy Hour.


It is delicious because the water is not just placed with water, but it is cut and pickled in various fruits.


There are many kinds of tea and I am worried.

3. You can handle all the Amazon and mail

In addition, it is very convenient to actually use it to receive all the shopping on the Amazon and all the mails at the front desk, and if you receive things, you will be informed that the application and email will arrive.

After that, you can receive it at the desk and sign a dedicated iPhone with your finger and receive it!

Very convenient because you can send a large size monitor etc. directly

4. You can buy snacks and serial carbonated drinks in the app!

If you want to drink a little snack, serial or carbonated drink, you can buy it at Honesly Market, which is installed next to you.

What this is amazing can be easily bought with a Wework app.

Just select an item with a tablet and scan the QR code

img_2281.jpg img_2280.jpg

You can easily buy it with the Wework app.

I don't really need cash.


Once the purchase is completed, the application will be notified in the app, and the Email will also inform you.


5. The SNS (community) in the WEWORK app is so amazing!


As you can see, people in WeWork from the top say, "I want you to make a web of your own clothes", or that the production company is not enough to help you, so you want to help you for several months. I will.

And not only the weWORK you are, but also the information flows from the world around the world, so you can see the information of people in Hong Kong and London.

You can also make a reservation in the conference room, purchase a paid food at the market, all the guest reservations, etc.

Regarding security, you can work with confidence because you will submit your face photo and identity verification documents on the photo at the start of the application.

6. Introduction incentive plan as agency contract! 10% cashback as a referral fee


If a friend joins and pays $ 1000 (about 100,000 yen) a month, you will pay 10% to you for up to one year for a month for up to one year!

An incentive program that pays a separate $ 500 sign up bonus.

It seems that this program has just begun, which can get 10 % of the $ 500 and 10 % of the monthly contract fee as an introduction fee.

If you come to Japan, I want you to say that this blog is my introduction lol!

This is a free dream and weWORK?

7. Benefits (welfare) is amazing!


You can get up to $ 5000 of AWS credits as a benefit, you can use Takkyubin service cheaply, and if you refinance a student loan, you can use $ 500 bonuses and various benefits.

It can only be done because it boasts a huge number of users.

8. Lots of events are held, but participation fee is free! Dinner and lunch come for free!

Because there are so many people, there are many events.

On this day, a confectionery shop distributed cupcakes for free as a promotion.

Since the holiday season is near, it is a promotion to be a gift.

With WEWORK logo


On another day, breakfast was served.

On this day, organic yogurt, fruit, serial, etc.

Fruits and such yogurt are quite expensive in the United States, so you can feel it.

Thank you. img_2561

For another VC event, dinner catering was served for free.

The contents of the dinner catering were also considerably better than the catering served at so -called Japanese events.

img_2345 img_2325.jpg img_2344.jpg

Residents may also hold events.

The following is a whiskey manufacturer who moves into this WeWORK

With the launch of January 2017, we hold a whiskey course and hold all -you -can -eat whiskey and snacks for free.

img_2595 img_2589 img_2592

The content of these events will be notified through the app in real time.

Every Friday, as a happy hour, snacks such as sangria and pie are served for free, and it will be a meet -up time.

9. There are many places that are used by medium -sized businesses

There is a space where up to 30 people can expure up to about 30 people in one booth, so it is possible to use it as a branch of a medium -sized or higher or more, so many companies have actually left the office that has been contracted. is.

Considering the security deposit, it is certainly a great deal.

* WeWork's Commitment Fee (which is the deposit) is a 2.5-month-old sensation, but the most common is the impression that about 4-20 people have a dedicated room.

There are many freelancers, but it seems that small and medium -sized corporations are the most common.

You can easily order dedicated telephone lines from the website web, and SIer in the Wework will set up.

SCREEN-SHOT -2016-11-30-AT-13-21-12

10. The price is quite high

DEDICATED DESK dedicated desk desk $ 450/month (about 45,000 yen/month).

If there is no dedicated desk, a plan that can be used only in the lounge space, called HOT SEAT, is $ 350/month, but there are many WEWORK that can only be used.

Dedicated Desk $ 450 seems to be the cheapest plan in many WeORK spaces.

In addition, the Commitment Fee (security deposit) is generated for 2.5 months, resulting in a deposit of 110,000 yen or more from the beginning.

It is not an image that the admission plan is 45,000 yen/month for the cheapest and 100,000 yen or more in Japanese co -working.

Is it a feeling that Hikarie's MOV abolished the open lounge plan and made it only a table plan?

11. The number of bases is different

As of November 2016, it is located in 33 cities worldwide.

It's lonely that you have advanced this and not yet in Tokyo. SCREEN-SHOT-2016-11-18-AT-19-22-42

Members can also use other Workks, so they are very encouraging for those who have a lot of business trips and travel.

I think the concept that can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is amazing. By the way, each member can get credit according to the plan.

The DEDICATED DESK plan is given 5 credits/monith.

This credit allows you to drop in the conference room and other bases.

If you use up your credit, you can use a conference room or other base for $ 25 per time.

That is perfect for nomad freelance people.

It seems that it will be easier to work while traveling outside the base base.

If you think that you can have an office around the world with $ 450/month, it seems to be very cheap.

How was the world's largest co -working space weWork?

We have already entered Shanghai and Hong Kong, so I'm looking forward to the day, which may come to Japan.

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