[Surgery in Tokyo] Guest house cafe & bar that makes you feel like traveling

In fact, the stylish guesthouses have been being made more and more in Tokyo. Such guest houses are overflowing with foreigners. Until now, there were not many hip guesthouses that were overseas in Japan, but recent guest houses in Tokyo are amazing! This time, I would like to talk about travel in Tokyo, or want to interact with traveler foreigners who are in Japan, go to this guest house cafe space and try tea or drink a little. ! You can enjoy it with unexpected encounters. Of course, even those who are not staying can easily drop in. This time, I will introduce two in the city center. Both are very convenient locations located in Akasaka and Azabu Juban. It may be a good idea to use it when you want to stay cheaply in the city center, and you will surely make a lot of friends.

Kaisu Hostel

Since there are various surfboards on the hostel, the Surfer feels the sea, and the location of a very comfortable space Roppongi is a 10 -minute walk from Roppongi. Kaisu Hostel Kaisu Hostel 4 Kaisu Hostel 3 The garden is wonderful because it is a former restaurant. Kaisu Hostel2

Good Hostel Zabutton

It is a very good space for a little tea, with a small rise and a Japanese taste. A beautiful and homely atmosphere that fits in Azabu Img_0590 Img_0592 This small rise can be relaxed at a dangerous level .... It seems to be a bad human manufacturing machine.Img_0594 There are also original goods T -shirts and tote bags. The logo is stylishImg_0604 I completely forgot to take a picture, but the coffee is very delicious. You can drink alcohol. Of course there is also WiFi. Img_0605 When you want to work a little PC, talk to a foreigner, drink delicious coffee, play in the city center and stay cheaply, and use a guest house to enjoy extraordinary fun.

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