[Surfing] 7 selections that I would like to recommend to Soul Surfer this winter (other than Bali)

I still want to surf more even in winter in Japan, but if I can, it's a little warm sea, but Bali and Indonesia are a little tired, so 7 recommended trips for those who want to go elsewhere. 7. Ranzarote Island, Canary Islands Spain Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain The Canary Islands Localism, also known as Hawaii in Europe, the Canary Islands of the Canary Islands, off the coast of Morocco. In addition, the points are all lava stones and the bottom is very uneven, and the board is easily broken when it goes up again. The waves are very good, rental cars are required. Wet requires seagal levels. Sunset Canary Canary Islands 6. Lembogan, Indonesia, Lembongan, Indonesia Hey, it's about 1 hour by speedboat from Bali, saying that it is Bali here. If you want to enjoy surfing leisurely, this is recommended. The transparency of water is higher than Bali and is not crowded. The selection of the points is also abundant secret points, and the half -day snorkeling is as cheap as the world's best cost performance. mantabay KARLA CLIFF 5. Sanfu Anderser, Nicaragua San Juan Del Sur The main is surfing with Madelas Beach, which is about 20 minutes by car, and if the oversized swell hits, you can surf in the bay of Sanfuan. If you are looking for the best waves that appear in the real video that can enjoy the surf and party at the same time that you can enjoy the crazy party Sunday Funday, we recommend that you go to Popoyo Popoyo for about 2 hours by car. Sunday Funday POPOYO 4. Hikkadua Sri Lanka Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka There are relatively many mellow waves, the congestion is lower than Bali, so you can enjoy surfing with confidence. The water temperature is tropical as well, so you can surf with trunks (swimwear). The main break of Hikkadua was your favorite fan break. There is a relatively water depth, so you can attack with confidence. There are many Japanese people. hikkaduwa Sri Lanka 3. Santa Teresa Costa Rica Santa Teresa, Costa Rica For some reason, Beach Town is full of beautiful girls in the city. Prices are high, but unlike Tamarind, there are few congestion and large beaches, so you can enjoy surfing with stress -free. It is often a barrel, but it is a rare point that can be tried on the barrel without being scared at all because of the depth. Santa Teresa 2. Saylita Mexico Sayulita Mexico After all, if you comprehensively consider the wavy guarantee and the fun of a city, I would like you to go here. SayUlita's main break has many loose breaks and competitors suitable for long boards, and in winter, there are many people in the main season, so LA LANCHA, LOBOS by car, a little extended to Puert Valarta Qui MixTo. It is recommended to go. SAYULITA Zack Hailing 1. Latch Mexico La Ticla, Mexico Surf Town in the middle of the infamous Michiakan, in fact, many travelers are killed and robbery. When aiming for this surf town, be sure to get on a single car with multiple people. It is dangerous if there is no one who can speak Spanish. It is necessary to go through many military checks (military checkpoints) until you reach the point. Once you get it, you can enjoy surfing almost in a chartered state. A FRAME's riverbank break forms a world class and a powerful barrel. On the other side of the river is a wonderful left break. Young people go out of this surf town, so the number of local is extremely small. However, as security improved, surfers are coming from Guadalahara and others, and on Saturdays and Sundays, the number of people is gradually increasing. A-flame La Tical

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