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Source: WTW Surfclub Held the other dayIchito Professional Talk ShowWas also held here. This WTW Surfclub is a word of fashion and high sense anyway. The exterior is a new mall, as shown in this photo. It is located on the Six Harajuku terrace on the back of the cat street. First, WTW Surfclub is both the first and second floors of this two -story building. On the first floor, there was an apparel such as a surfboard wet suit hoodie. On the second floor, there were many lifestyle items such as apparel, tableware, and define. Img_0224 It's fashionable Img_0225 The first floor where a high -end atmosphere talk show was held from the sign at the entrance Img_0235 2 When I entered, a beautiful girl clerk greeted me. The inside of the store has a good incense like Ron Herman. Img_0232 I wanted to have a cool hoodie and tappa, but I put up with itImg_0230 Img_0229 Img_0226 There is also a terrace. I felt a new one, so it was difficult to sit on this sofa and passed. Img_0233 It was a wonderful shop that fuses urban style and surf lifestyle. The same Six Harajuku terrace also has cafes and restaurants, so how about looking at the surf item here and relaxing with the next bay coffee. It would be nice if the urbanther -style is also rooted in Japan. I think it's a very fun shop even if you come to a couple. The concept of WTW is exactly urbanther SCREEN SHOT 2015-10-24 at 10.49.13 PM

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