[Surf] Follow -up report in Mexico The worst result of two missing Australian surfers is burnt down from the van

It was the worst result I was afraid.
The van they were driving were found in Sinaroa, Mexico, and two burns were found inside.
It is seen as a crime by Cinaro Cartel (drug organization).
This was reported in media around the world.
Although the result of the DNA test has not yet been obtained, it seems that Adam and Dean girlfriends have confirmed the corpse in Mexico.
It also means that their families each have entered the Mexico local and cooperated with the Mexican police investigation. Dean and Adam van
This sensational case was featured in news around the world.
Australian Men with Ties to EDMONTON FEASSING in MexicoTwo Australian Men Who Live in Edmonton Are Belied to Be Be Missing in Mexico. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN HEARD someM Orst. Michel Boyer Reports. http://glbn.ca/vdspi posted by Global Edmonton ON Saturday, November 28, 2015
Adam and Dean were from Perth, Australia, both lived in Edmonton, Canada. This surf lip came from Edmonton to California by van, surfed Bahakarifornia, traveled to Mexico, and aimed for Guadalahara. ADAM MAP Facebooks were full of tributes with their hearts of their hearts, with friends from all over the world. In addition, the Page of Go Fund Me was created to collect costs for their families to cooperate with Mexico and investigate, and donations of 60,000 $ 5.4 million yen were collected in no time. How they were loved by the surfers they met so far would be proof. By the way, you can donate from here, so I would be grateful if you could donate only a few people who love surf lips. SCREEN SHOT 2015-12-03 at 5.39.57 PM I would like to make a special tribute special feature in this magazine.

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