Suppress the cost of application production! Building a smartphone app that can be done with SHOPIFY


SHOPIFY can only build EC sites! Here are the benefits and methods of building a smartphone app on SHOPIFY. Cooperation with SHOPIFY and smartphone apps will lead to earning EC stores repeaters.

I want to create my own app, but I don't know how to do it. I checked it, but it took too much time and cost. If you feel that way, it's a must -see.

Usually, it takes a lot of time and cost to create a smartphone app.

The app development takes a long time, and it costs a huge labor cost.

If you want to create from scratch, it may cost tens of millions of yen per year, including maintenance.

The disadvantage of the native app is to build apps using SHOPIFY introduced this time.

Shopify is a platform designed for the e -commerce business. In other words, you can easily integrate apps and SHOPIFY stores. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of apps using SHOPIFY.

Advantages of apps produced in SHOPIFY

  • The cost is lower than when developing, and it can be created immediately.

It is a high cost effect. You can create and publish apps without hiring developers. You can create an app without coding experience. In addition, this platform has a variety of templates and tools to create a professional app.

  • Compatible with Native IOS and Android App, it can be registered in the Apple Store and Google Play Store

When creating a native app, development is required in a language corresponding to each OS, but there is no need for apps made in SHOPIFY. It supports both Apple Store and Google Play Store, reducing development time.

  • SHOPIFY Other apps can be linked, and functions are easy.

Shopify has a built -in application store, so you can easily search and install apps.

Disadvantages of apps produced in SHOPIFY

There are also disadvantages to SHOPIFY apps that look only merit.

  • Inconvenience because it is a closed platform

Shopify is a closed platform. In other words, you can only create apps that support SHOPIFY stores.In addition, SHOPIFY cannot provide the same level of support as the native app development platform.

  • The design is not flexible because it cannot be coded.

SHOPIFY apps are more flexible in customization than native apps. You can create an app with a professional appearance using Shopify templates and tools, but it may be difficult to add custom functions.

In addition, you may need to hire SHOPIFY experts to customize the app.

It lacks mobile app flexibility using SHOPIFY,Perfect for those who can't spend money or want to try the feeling of use of the appis not it.


What did you think? We introduced the advantages, disadvantages and methods of building a smartphone app using SHOPIFY. Smartphone apps are optimized on iOS and Android, so the operation is smoother and usability compared to the web, and it is easier to get a repeater by installing it on your device.

We build and support apps that can be done with SHOPIFY.

If you are interested in application production, please feel free to contact us first.



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