Summer production! A collection of surf watches that you can use anytime, anywhere

This year, a typhoon has been coming earlier than usual.

Are you enjoying the typhoon swell?
I think many people wear surfwatches when surfing, but I tried to list the surf watches that are now on the streets.

1. Nixon Lo Down

By the way, I have been in the last few yearsNIXONI am using lowdown.

It is useful for surf lips because it is relatively easy to change the time according to the tides of various countries. The entry level is simple and easy to use in terms of price.

I like yellow because it shines in summer.


In fact, my friend uses the following RIP CURL model, but sometimes I record the riding distance when I can ride long rides.

It may be the most realistic high -tech watch including data. The price is quite good.


NIXON, which has been featured here for a long time, NIXON I personally love the design, and the site is very good!
Nixon Mission Official Website The world's first action sports Smartwatch THE MISSION Scheduled to be released in Japan in the fall of 2016

I haven't tried this directly. I've always heard that the battery is bad from the development stage.

I sometimes couldn't meet at the time of meeting at the sea, so I thought it would be nice to have a good wait.

The records of those who have tried out the money are below. The conclusion is that it is not a practical level yet.
  • I don't have a battery too much
  • The app is only Android
  • Size, water temperature, etc., which have a lot of uncertain information with only Surfline
So, please use the blog below for particularly detailed explanations.

I tried the latest NIXON THE MISSION Android Wear Smartwatch (probably the first in Japan)

At present, the iPhone App is released and supported.

If you still want to try the latest technology, please come Watch

This is also dependable, but the blog I actually tried is

Apple Watch Series2 Stainless steel case that arrived yesterday immediately soaked in seawater with surfing !!!

This is also a conclusion, and it seems that there is still a lot of practical levels.

Apparently, the belt part is weak, and if you use it for surfing as it is, there is a possibility that you will be out of the poupe.

I wonder if it can be used honestly because the surfing scene came out in Apple's commercial.
I wanted to try it, but after reading this, I didn't want to try it at least by surfing.

I like this black model personally sporty and cool
If you buy it, this may not be used for surfing, it may be a town.


There is also a valuable surfwatch and a tide graph.

It may be the cheapest surfwatch with a tide graph.

You may be worried about this article

As a result of a one -year surf that you want to bring to the surf lip Recommendations in the car and tricks I stayed in the car for 2 months while surfing in Europe [SURF TRIP] French -style scenic beach town Hossegor

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