Subsque at SHOPIFY! We have launched and introduced the regular flight EC solution "GO SUBSCRIDE" for Japan!

by Marina Fujihara

Everyone who has been waiting for the appearance of the SHOPIFY Subsque function that is fully compatible with Japanese has been waiting! Go Ride has developed a regular purchase solution using the SHOPIFY subscription API, and its name is "Go Subscride".

In this article, I would like to introduce this "GO SUBSCRIDE".

1. So far in SHOPIFY Subsque App

As introduced in the past of the past GO Ride News, SHOPIFY's sub -skook apps have existed.

This past articleHowever, as we have introduced, until now, we have introduced foreign -made sub -school applications such as BOLD and Recharge, but in Japan, such as in Japan, such as support is not completely for Japan. There were various challenges for the merchant.

again,In this articleThen, we have introduced the case of BOLD's regular purchase, but I actually experienced the fact that the setting method was quite complicated and there was a part that could not be completely switched to Japanese.

In October 2020, SHOPIFY announced a new API that enables regular purchases at the store. Instead of being able to manage regular purchases from the management screen as an existing function of SHOPIFY, the method of enabling subscriptions in the store as an API embodies the ecosystem defined by SHOPIFY. It became a form.

At the end of last year at Go Ride, he acquired this new SHOPIFY subscription API. This time, the beta version has been completed, including development to create a subscription app that can be used by Japan's merchant as soon as possible! The name is "GO SUBSCRIDE"! (As of January 2020)

2. Introduction of GO SUBSCRIDE


So what can you do with GO SUBSCRIDE? What is the part that will continue to be developed in the future? I would like to introduce it while comparing with other companies' subscription apps at the moment.

・ Added a sub -skust purchase option to the registered product

For products already registered on the store, it is possible to add a sub -skop purchase option from the application management screen at once.

Depending on the previous regular purchasing app

  • It is necessary to register a separate purchase product for one purchase and a sub -skop product
  • It is not possible to apply a sub -skop to multiple products from the top of the app, so it is necessary to open each product from the SHOPIFY management screen to apply the sub -school.

In some cases, the inventory management of the product was complicated, and the initial setting was very time -consuming.

However, GO SUBSCRIDE can set a sub -skirt by simple procedure, and even if you have separate product data for the sub -skop and do not separate the stock, you can choose to purchase and subscribe each time, or purchase / regular each time. You can purchase at the same time.

In addition, this sub -skop option can include multiple order cycles (frequency), and each order cycle can set a different discount rate. for example,

For coffee
Set a sub -skop option A with one order cycle called Monthly Plan (5 % discount)

In a set of 12 juice
Set a subscription option B with two delivery cycles, a weekly plan (5 % discount) and a monthly plan (2 % discount)

It will be an image.


In the existing application of BOLD, the discount setting cannot be changed for each order, but changing the discount rate for each frequency is very important to solicit a more frequent subscriber contract. It's the point that comes.

as a side note···
In our application, the regular purchase options that are linked to the product are called the "Subsque Group", and the frequency option within the sub -school group is called the "order cycle".

・ Localized management screen, store front desk for Japan


Among the various sub -school apps, the biggest feature of this GO SUBSCRIDE is that it supports Japanese for Japan. In addition, there are English native engineers among us, so of course we also support English.

Below are all supported in both Japanese and English.It can also be used for customization according to the request of merchant.

  • Management screen
  • Customer display Store Front
  • Notification email to customers
  • support

・ Customer subscription management

In stores that can be purchased regularly, UX after purchase is very important. Increasing customer freedom increases the burden of inventory management and product management, so it is ideal for the store to manage regular purchases in the most desirable form.

In our app, customers can start and cancel regular customers at this time. It is not possible to pause, resume, and skip only the next time, but it is not possible with the current version of GO SUBSCRIDE, but we are expanding its functions every day, so skip functions and pauses will be paused in the future. We will be able to do it.

Also, if there is a problem with customer payments during the contract or if you want to change the destination suddenly, it is necessary to terminate the contract once and subscribe again, but in the future. Will be able to change only the payment information and delivery information.


Did you have any interest?

As we are developing additional development for each function, GO SUBSCRIDE as of February 2021, which is writing this article, will be more and more useful by our development team.

again,It will be a custom app produced by our company, so customized the design of the store front at the time of introduction.It is possible to do support in Japanese.

In addition, if you have any questions about sub -school apps, or if you want to consider introduction, please by all means.inquiryplease give me.


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