Significant reduction in the number of shipments of e -commerce operators! What is the invoice system, SHIP & CO?

This time, we will provide Japan's first cloud -based invoice issuing system SHIP & COIt is a tie -up article.

SHIP & CO asked us in detail from the benefits of the business owner to the release information of the new features, which can be fulfilled by using the invoice issuing system.
If you can master SHIP & CO, you can significantly reduce shipping management and tasks in Japan and cross -border EC, so it is a service that you would recommend to SHOPIFY operators.

About SHIP & CO

In SHIP & CO, from shipping in Japan to international shipping at cross -border
It provides services that allow you to issue invoices on one cloud base for major transport companies and international carriers in Japan.

Until now, businesses had to be ordered online site, then registered with each transportation company and issued a invoice.
By introducing SHIP & CO on the EC platform, you can complete it on one app not only in Japan but also on the cross -border.

SHIP & CO is in cooperation with major EC platforms in online sales.
Not only SHOPIFY, but also a total of 10 or more EC platforms.

Also, even if you have multiple stores on one platform or have a store on multiple platforms,
All can be centrally managed from order to shipping in SHIP & CO.
This allows you to synchronize order information and delivery information on one management screen, preventing hand -input mistakes.

SHIP & COPlease see the website for detailed service information, etc.

Solving issues that come true with SHIP & CO

▼ What can be solved with the tasks so far and SHIP & CO

We asked for businesses and companies selling products online sites, and asked how they could use SHIP & Co to solve them.
Assignment 1. There are many work processes from ordering to completion of shipping

Businesses who use EC have been ordered online sites so far.
After manually issuing the invoice on the screen of each shipping company, after shipping the product,
Return to the product management screen and notify the buyer that the product has been completed, ...

There was a lot of work -hours before the shipment was completed.

[Solved with SHIP & CO]
In SHIP & CO, API linked with your EC platform that you already have.
You can complete all work on one management screen! In addition, if the shipment is large, you can create a lump sum in bulk!

Not only can you grasp the delivery status for each transportation company,
You can automatically synchronize the shipment to the e -commerce, and manage a series of flow from the e -commerce.

For detailed procedures for the invoice issuance, you can see the commentary video below.
・ When using EMS by overseas shipping
・ When using Yamato Transport by domestic shipping

Even when shipping a large amount of products, it is possible to integrate order information by linking SHIP & CO and create a lump sum at once.

Assignment 2. I don't know how to choose a shipping company when shipping products at cross -border

When sending products from Japan to overseas and abroad to Japan at cross -border EC,
I don't know the type of shipping company in that country, the price for each company, and the difference in plan,
I don't know how to choose a shipping company that matches the size of the product,
There were many concerns about the shipping company at cross -border EC for businesses.

[Solved with SHIP & CO]
If you register your online store and shipping company not only for domestic shipping and cross -border EC, you will be completed in just a few minutes until the shipping label printing.

Not only major carriers in Japan but also international careers are on one app
You can see from the shipping cost of the shipping company in each country to the shipping costs for each product size.
This reduces surveys and shipping work for each shipping company by 90%to improve the efficiency of the work process.

Also, when issuing a invoice for each shipping company, you can complete everything within SHIP & CO without logging in to each account and issuing a invoice.

▼ Convenient function

        • Batch issuing function
        • When issuing a normal invoice, just check the product to create a invoice.

        Up to 50 invoices can be printed at a stretch without manure.

How to issue a collective invoice for orders from SHOPIFYFrom hereYou can see the commentary video.

      • Utilization of tags used in SHOPIFY

        1. For example, when a customer sends a product before the payment is completed, at the time of "cash on delivery",

        1. By attaching a "cash on delivery tag" to the order on SHOPIFY, you can check at a glance which order needs to create a cash on delivery dedicated invoice.

          1. As a way to use other tags,

          1. If you use it for shared items in -house or have multiple people in charge

          It is possible to manage it as a landmark with the name of the person in charge on the tag.

Businesses that are recommended to use SHIP & CO in SHOPIFY

      • Businesses that send products directly from the warehouse to the buyer
          • By linking with SHIP & CO when managing in the product inventory and in the warehouse

          You can deliver the product to the buyer directly from the warehouse.
      • Businesses with multiple patterns of shipping source and shipping methods
        • In SHIP & CO, you can use SHIP & COAPI to the core system and use it.

        • With the parent account as Omoto, you can create a sub -account, so for each sub -account,

          • You can select a shipping company or another shipping company.

          For example, it is recommended for businesses that send food and ingredients to buyers directly from the production area.

      • Businesses that are shipped in large quantities
          • It is necessary to send a large number of products and a large amount of products, which have a large amount of products,

          • For enterprise businesses using SHOPIFY PLUS

          You can use it conveniently.

  • Cross -border EC
      • Not only shipping from Japan to overseas, but also on the border from overseas to Japan

      Cooperation with overseas shipping companies can be completed in a batch on SHIP & CO.

The above products are different, but they are in common.
The reason is that you can use your sub -account to centrally manage multiple domestic and overseas shipping companies to work efficiency.

It is one of the functions I would like to recommend from our Go Ride, who has helped the cross -border EC.

Future prospects

In SHIP & CO, many e -commerce platforms have started from the SHOPIFY app, so in cooperation with SHOPIFY is still the smoothest.
As an intermediary between businesses and buyers, we are working hard to develop a smoother cooperation and use services.

Currently, three points have been raised to improve better services.
    • Focus on collaboration with shipping from a warehouse company.
    • Enhancement of EC platform at Asian base.
    • Providing more comfortable services by providing APIs and cooperation with the postal system of each country.

▼ Recommended new features for businesses in the SHOPIFY PLUS plan

[New function] Updated the lump -sum issuing function of the invoice

    • When issuing a invoice, up to 50 cases can be issued in Yamato Transport.

    • This is a long -awaited function of SHIP & CO user.

    • Until now, when issuing a invoice by Yamato Transport, it is necessary to issue it by hand.

    • In addition to the trouble, hand -handed mistakes were a challenge.

    • In response to the voices of users using such SHIP & CO, a new invoice issuing function has been updated!

    • From this, the invoice can be issued at once by Yamato Transport.

    • This is a recommended feature for Go Ride, a production company!

    • Recommended for businesses who use SHOPIFY PLUS for large -scale businesses.

Installation of SHIP & CO in SHOPIFYHereYou can also see detailed app information.
For detailed inquiries about functions and services

Please send it to us.

For inquiries regarding EC site construction at SHOPIFY,Go RidePlease contact us.

Thank you for seeing to the end.

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