SHOPIFY regular purchase (Subsque) application "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription" is powered up and released!


Only 20 companies (as of April 2023) have been certified in JapanShopify Plus Partner"GO SUB | Subscription" created by Go Ride Co., Ltd. This time, it has been greatly renewed! We are particular about UI/UX, making it easier to use.

There are also functions that can be customized for designs, set custom tags for orders and customers, or only "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription". PopularLINEorShopify FlowKLAVIYOSpecified delivery dateIt can be linked with apps such as.

GO RIDE Co., Ltd. has a specialized development team of "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription", so we will carefully support not only support for installing the application but also the transition from other companies' apps. increase.

* Design and customization function will be available after May 2023.

Features of "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription"

  • Shopify Plus PartnerApps made by Japan -English
  • The cheapest in the industrySales fee 0.5%! (In the case of a premium plan)
  • Design customization*orCustom tag settingsFunctions that can only be done with "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription"

Seriously renewed design! Design customization function.

GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription Front screen

The design aspect is also significantly renewed!

It is reborn as a design that allows you to intuitively understand the price, contract form, and discount rate.
You can also customize the button colors and text colors!

* Design and customization function will be available after May 2023.

More user -friendly store front desk

GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription management screen

The store front management screen (the screen for the customer manages the sub -school) has evolved more easily. You can check the quantity, order cycle, billing information, etc. together on one screen. Please try a design that is particular about the user's point of view.

* The new store front management screen will be available after May 2023.

An easy -to -understand dashboard that allows you to intuitively understand the necessary information

GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription dashboard

The management screen is significantly renewed! You can see the changes in sales at a glance, as well as sales and contracts.
In addition, the average sales and the cancellation rate you are worried about will be displayed in an easy -to -understand manner.

Customer management that supports customer tags and narrowing

GO SUB | Regular purchase | Subscription Customer management screen

On the customer management screen, you can narrow down the customer tag or contract status. It is possible to manage it easily when the number of customers increases.

In addition, because it is compatible with exporting in CSV, customer management that tends to be complicated is easy if "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription" is easy!

Easy installation

GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription installation screen

You can easily install it simply by adding an app block. No code editing is required. If you do not go well, if you can contact us, the staff specializing in "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription" will carefully support.
We also provide migration support from other sub -school apps. If you would like supportinquiryplease give me!

Abundant app cooperation

GO SUB | Subscription | Apps listed by Subscription. Supports Shopify Flow, NEXT ENGINE, KLAVIYO, LINE, delivery date and time specification, and open logs.

Cooperation with various services (apps) that are indispensable for SHOPIFY management! Click here for the current service.

  • Shopify Flow

  • Next engine


  • LINE

  • Specified delivery date

  • Open logs

Sales fee is 0.5 %! "GO SUB | Regular Purchase | Subscription" Price Plan

GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription price plan
Starter plan

Monthly amount $0

Sales commission3%

Free installation. There is no charge until it is sold.
First, try here!
Premium plan

Monthly $39/month

Sales commission0.5%

This is recommended for stores with a monthly sales of 170,000 yen or more. The industry's lowest sales commission is 0.5%!


We have delivered information on the regular purchase application "GO SUB | Subscription | SubScription" created by SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER Co., Ltd., which is certified only 20 companies in Japan (as of April 2023).

I will tell you the main points again.

  • Japan -English fully compatible app made by Shopify Plus Partner
  • The industry's lowest sales commission is 0.5%! (In the case of a premium plan)
  • Functions that can only be done with "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription", such as design customization*and custom tag settings

Starter planInstallation is free!There is no cost to sell.

With a premium planThe cheapest commission in the industryIt is an application that can start a sub -school.

We are particular about UI/UX and are easy to install. Please try this opportunity!

Go Ride

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