[SHOPIFY PLUS] What is the authority period for credit card payment?

by Hajime Ozawa

Do you know the credit card payment authority period? I think there is a SHOPIFY pay or another credit card payment service in the store, but SHOPIFY has an authority.

In this article, I will explain the authority period and settings!

What is the credit card authority period?

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The credit card authority period (authorization period) is a payment confirmation after a customer using a credit card. Confirm that credit cards can be used without any problems (eg, whether the card is valid or the monthly card usage limit, etc.).

The EC store is basically a credit card payment, so this payment approval process is available in any store.

Please see the note below for foreign currency card payment.

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About authority period

SHOPIFY Payment authority period

The credit card authority period of SHOPIFY Payment is7 daysis.

Payment confirmation

The SHOPIFY store allows you to set the authority period.

The default settings are automatically confirmed (confirmed = payment information goes to the bank).

Payment confirmation setting method

  1. [Settings] → [settlement] on the management screen
  2. [Management] on the right side
  3. You can select "Manual Confirm" or "Automatic Confirmation".

On the screen here, you can set automatically and manually confirmation.


SHOPIFY PLUS only: extension of the authori period

The merchant of SHOPIFY PLUS has an extended authority period setting.

However, please note that some card companies may not be extended.

Also, from October 2020, if the settlement is confirmed after the standard 7 -day authority, an additional charge of 1.75%will be charged.

Below is a precaution from SHOPIFY:

Image from Shopify

Shopify Plus only: Card type / period extension

The following card and extension period:

Automatic or manual (extension) Which?

Basically, the EC store is set by automatic payment confirmation. So there are not many disadvantages, but for example, if the customer pays and the merchant cannot send the product immediately, if the customer has paid, the product is not easily shipped even though he paid. , It may lead to a complaint. So, in that case, you need to update the situation to the customer!

On the other hand, in the case of manual confirmation, the advantage of extension is that if the product cannot be shipped immediately, it is a function that can be used, but it is necessary to upgrade the plan to SHOPIFYPLUS.

So I think that the basics may be a problem with automatic payment confirmation, but in some cases, the payment confirmation settings are manually or extended depending on the store status.

Although it is a case -by -case, if the settings are affected by the period from the customer's payment to the product shipping, I think that the merchant needs to update the situation.


I hope that the automatic payment confirmation, manual payment confirmation (extension settings) can be set depending on the status of each store. Many stores SHOPIFY defaults set automatic payment confirmation.

If you need to be manually confirmed or extend the period, let's update the situation firmly so that there is no problem with the customer!


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