Shopify Meet Up in DTLA will be held! JUNE 6th 2019

Are you thinking about a business at cross -border? Or have you just started an e -commerce project in the United States? SHOPIFY has been selected in Japan as a platform for top companies to expand their business internationally. This meat -up explores the reason for this and the effective SHOPIFY features in marketing strategies. Event hostGo Ride RepublicIs Digital Creative House, which has an office in Playa Vista, Los Angeles (Silicon Beach) and develops at two bases, Yokohama and LA. To date, we are blessed with wonderful clients, and we are producing numerous cross -border sites in SHOPIFY. Along with the case study, our client, which is actually developing the cross -border business, will participate in this meet -up talk session. In addition, we are looking forward to sampling sake and sweets for guests by the client. Brands and partners participating in the event: Tabio USA50 -year -old global socks brand. Tabio offers 30 million luxury socks per year through 270 boutiques, Japan, London and Paris. GG Retrofitz The original project GG Retrofitz, established by the Southern California industrial and graphic designer group, creates original retro body kits and graphic kits for Yamaha R3. 10 Sense CorporationA company that works on a food and beverage business such as a cafe is an innovative eco projectEcopressoI will announce. We provide matcha in the eaten coffee cup "ECO PRESSO". TippsysakeThe largest sake subscription platform in the United States. AIM360For more than 35 years, the state -of -the -art fashion ERP software provides seamless solutions for inventory management, cost calculation, ticket selection, EDI, order input and distribution, etc. to wholesalers and retailers. agenda 6:00 - 6:20 Registration, interaction with guests 6:20 - 6:25 Customer greetings and introductions 6:25 - 6:45 How to get 100 free media publications for your startup without a PR manager. GG Retrofitz Case Study Norman Kerechuk, GG Retrofitz President 6: 45-6:50 Q & A 6:50 - 7:05 Global brand Tabio is expanding its business to the US market using Shopify. International expansion VS startup. The Tabio brand produces 30 million socks a year, but Tabio products are still new in the US market. Kazuhiro Takezawa, Mr. Tavio, US expansion officer Mami Uemura, Tabio, Creative Director 7: 05-7:10 Q & A 7: 10-7:20 How to grow business by integrating O2O marketing and SHOPIFY ANNA KHITROVA, Go Ride, marketing manager 7: 20-7:25 Q & A 7:25 - 7:40 Retail and wholesale: How to grow a business through multiple channels Shahrooz Kohan, Aims360, Chairman 7: 40-7:50 Q & A 7:50 - 8:00 Networking session Let's have a session with everyone who is active at the forefront about the cross -border business connecting Japan and California. Please join us at this opportunity!reserve SHOPIFY DTLA offers a 2 -hour free parking with verification.

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