SHOPIFY announces AI Assistant Sidekick (side kick) demonstration explanation

by Toyo Hirashima

Shopify has announced AI Assistant to support EC entrepreneurs.

Although the information that came out is still small, I would like to introduce the information that came out in the demo video.

Video summary

AI that commits and supports entrepreneurs for 24 hours

The entrepreneurs are always asking a lot, and the entrepreneurs in many early stages are lonely, and if there is AI who can always rely on it.

The video starts with such a cut.

Click the Sidekick (side kick) icon at the top right of the screen to start.

TOBI Sales are falling, why?

This is within the normal range because there was little snow.

At TOBI, all items are on sale
Sidekick is so good Is 10% good?


TOBI Next, add the surfboard item and look like a surf shop.

Sidekick is understanding. Edit the theme.

Is this okay for copywriting? Ride The Waves in Style

I'm looking forward to seeing how far you can evolve in the future, how far you can do it, and how fast you can implement. I would like to follow up as soon as the follow -up report is issued.



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