[SHONAN T-SITE] Shonan T Site Large Anatomy

source:Shonan T Site  Daikanyama T SITE and proprietary interviews [SHONAN DRIVE] Autumn and winter Shonan areas where the Shonan area is fun to see the sea 9 selections of cafes and restaurants But Shonan T Site introduced, but this time I would like to dissect the whole picture. If you haven't been there yet or have been there, check it again! If you are wondering what to do, you can collect information here first. T -SITE Daikanyama, which is based on the concept of "proposing a lifestyle through books, movies, and music" at Tsutaya Bookstore, is focused on cultural systems, while Shonan has a wider site. ・ Slow food and slow life proposal ・ Proposal of hobbies and how to enjoy digital life ・ Proposal of communication between parents and children It means that the three are developed as a big theme. It is composed of four buildings, Building No. 2, Building No. 3, and CAR LIFE LABO, and I am looking forward to seeing what will be made here because there is still more room on the back right of the photo. Personally, if it's so large, it's T-TOWN rather than T-Site. There is also a model house next door. The whole T Site ① Building is a hobby & lifestyle technology ② Building No. ③ A rich time that Building Building spends with children ④ "3D Magazine Space" that CAR LIFE LABO proposes a lifestyle centered on cars. Of course, the access to the car is convenient, and it is easy to stop because the parking lot is widely prepared. And it's free for the first hour. Good ◎ You can get a 1 hour parking ticket if you shop at 300 yen or more at 300 yen every hour. It is a space where you can spend about half a day in no time if you are really slow. Although there are 30 stores, there is no small partition, it uses a stairwell, terrace, and large windows, making it very open and reminiscent of the West Coast of the United States. Isn't it unusual for domestic buildings to be so thoroughly open space? TSUTAYA SHONAN There is also Starbucks like Daikanyama. The terrace seats are also spacious. I don't mind working on the terrace because the number of seats is large. Img_0089 I am glad that I can bring books on the terrace. Img_0088 Nomad Worker's ally wired cafe is also on the first floor of Building 3. This is also a spacious terrace, and the coming time is the best. Img_0080 There are many workshops and cooking classes that can only be experienced in real (offline) because the concept is to do things that cannot be replaced with the Internet. The other day, the live was also held at the 2nd floor Shonan Lounge on the second floor. Shonan loungeShonan lounge There is also a cooking class on the theme of slow food. cooking classSCREEN SHOT 2015-09-29 at 3.55.09 PM Apple Reseller Apple Authorized Reseller is also included, so you can purchase Apple products, so it's best for those who live in Shonan. When the sun goes down, it will be lit up to a good atmosphere. The terrace on the second floor is Italian seafood restaurantLIFE SEAOn the terrace seats, you can see Mt. Fuji from this terrace. Img_0091 Car Life Labo CAR LIFE LABO cars are on display vehicles, are not locked, so you can sit inside and see them freely. This is unlike a regular dealer, so you don't have to check with the staff, and you can easily get in the car. At present, Renault is on display, but the theme changes depending on the time of Mercedes and Jeep. If you enter the building, you can ask the staff questions, and you can consult about how to use them more specifically. Img_0081 When the sun goes down, it looks like this Img_0092 Of course, there were only a few other things that I could introduce here, and if I read books and magazines, I would be able to spend half a day in a blink of an eye. Why don't you stop by when you are likely to get caught in the traffic jam on the way home from Shonan?

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