"Share office charm -near Yokohama"

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In this blog, we will introduce the charm of WEWORK Ocean Gate Minato Mirai, where we are moving in, and the share office around Yokohama. You may be able to get a glimpse of what kind of work life we ​​are!

1. About Oceangate Minatomirai Wework

WeWork, which we are currently moving in, is the Minato Mirai Line "Minato Mirai" station (2 minutes on foot).

WEWORK has a variety of companies, from entrepreneurs, startups to large companies, but can be connected to more than 600,000 members at more than 840 locations around the world, so for those who want to work in a global environment. It's a perfect place! Our LA office is also based on We Work.

In addition, various events are held regardless of genre, such as panel discussions, workshops, yoga classes, and happy hours, so it is easy to communicate with nature and other companies.Is it personally WEWORK that we can flexibly respond to various changes, such as the size of the company and the purpose of the company? I think!

There are many conference rooms with a different atmosphere, so there are many advantages, such as changing the conference room depending on the mood at that time. Please come and visit us.


Office space. There are rooms with a glass of glass.


LA team and meeting scenery in the conference room. My bottle at the bottom left is a We Work novelty.


There is a draft beer server in the shared space and all -you -can -drink!


The rooftop with a good view is also recommended for a change! It was also used in a certain drama.

I also interviewed our representative, who has been in WORK, who has long history.

What is the biggest attraction of We Work?

Regardless of the industry or occupation, it is a place where you can connect with people who sympathize with WE WORK's values ​​and the community, and share your daily joy!

2. The latest share office situation near Yokohama



About 6 minutes on foot from JR / Keikyu / Private Railway Yokohama Station "Kita East Exit"
As a concept, it seems that the purpose is to communicate naturally, such as interaction between users beyond the share office and co -working space!Connection/fund procurement/business matching seems to be the main character, so it may be a very good environment for startups and people who are considering companies in the future!



② Crosscoop

"Yokohama" station 3 minutes walk from East Exit A
This will be the latest share office to open in January 2021!As a concept, it seems to be a share office that distributes the so -called office "various ways of working" and "BCP measures" and makes business intermittent even in unexpected situations!
In recent years when the corona virus has expanded, it is a share office that considers companies first, so I think you can move in with confidence!



③ Mid Point

Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line "Kannai" 1 minute walk from Exit 3
It is a share office just opened in late July 2020!From one person, it is a fulfilling equipment that allows you to start work from the day you move in.It seems that there is a lounge with a kitchen space on the 4th floor that can be used easily by residents.There is an environment where you can relax, conversation and communication, so you can easily move in!


Above, we have introduced three share offices near Yokohama!

Recently, due to the influence of the new colon virus, the number of companies who originally moved to the rental office is increasing, and various share offices have opened from this year to next year. I have a feeling that there are more places to communicate with other companies like never before!

In addition, as the number of share offices specializing in global is increasing, I feel that the environment is increasing very much for companies and sole proprietors who are aiming for global expansion! We recommend the suburbs of Yokohama, which is a little far from Tokyo but accessible! Please refer to it.





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