Sean Yoro & Waterside Graffiti Artist

source: CNN

Sean YORO "Hula", which has recently been featured in overseas media, was born, raised surfing in Hawaii, and is now a paddle board on a paddle board that is now living in NY. This is an artist surfer.

Introducing some works that you often see in the media

Collaboration project with Billavon, Hawaiian hero Andy Iron's son Alex's bill is completed as a marking at the end

This work is on the side of the North Shore pipeline.

Collaboration project with North Face

YORO Waterside's work born and raised in Oahu changes the part that can be seen at the tide, so you can enjoy it many times a day.

You can check the Instagram below.

FINAL MURAL PAINTED in PUGLIA, Italy ?? Prints Now Available (

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Purchase the work from the official website The world's most famous but unidentified graffiti artist Banksy Banksy

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