Rock in Japan 2016 @ Go Ride to Hitachi Seaside Park!

Rockin JAPAN official website Performing artist 8/6 (Sat) Uverworld Kyusonekokami Cocco Skimmer switch Stray tenor 10-FEET Dragon Ash The Hiatus BIGMAMA Base Ball Bear BABYMETAL Hoshino source miwa Monoeyes And More! 8/7 (Sun) Ikimonogari Elephant Kashimashi Orange Range Kimura Kaela 9mm Parabellum Bullet Guess's extremity maiden. Nothing's Carved in Stone THE BACK HORN 04 Limited sazabys Hey-smith UNISON SQUARE GARDEN Rip Slyme Rottengraffty And More! 8/13 (Sat) Keytalk Creep high type Kreva Golden Bomber Naoto Intirimi Fuji Fabric Blue Encount And More! 8/14 (Sun) ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Androp Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Good morning, America Sambomaster Shonan no Kaze TOTALFAT NICO TOUCHES THE WALLS Mongol800 Kenshi YONEZU WANIMA And More! * Sight alphabetical order * Appearance time and stage will be announced at a later date. * Performing artists are subject to change. By the way, it is the access method of the main subject It seems that a shuttle bus comes out from Mito Station, Katsuta Station, the nearest station, but it takes time to wait. Also, at the time of a festival, those who stay overnight are particularly bulky, so it is difficult to move. If you drive, it takes less than two hours from Tokyo. Although there is a distance, Joban Road is relatively small and easy to run, so you can enjoy it as a drive! At that timeGo Ride No matter what you think, if you access the festival venue, you can enjoy the share and enjoy it! Even if you go to the same festival for the first time, your music hobbies will be close, so the drive on the way will surely be excited! You can also enjoy the gourmet on the way by approaching the service area! By the way, the recommendation is last year

PASAR Moriya has opened a new

SCREEN SHOT 2016-05-19 at 5.34.50 PM Moriya service area! It is only an hour and just one hour from Tokyo to go to this festival is recommended because there are Starbucks & ATM & Gasoline Stands on both the middle point and the upper and lower lines. As a recommendation for gourmet, you can eat in a car if you buy bread from a famous store with the following patterns. On the way back, how about eating ramen as a closing of the festival?

Joban Expressway (outbound) Moriya Service Area

The first highway opened! Delicious bread of Pan Oridishonel

■ Baked beef curry bread It seems that 530 yen is exquisite This teriyaki bread looks delicious too.

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Also the royal road soft serve in the service area ■ Natural grazing soft serve ice cream 480 yen (tax included)Is popular. I want to check it.

Joban Expressway (Return)

Authentic ramen in the service area! Ibaraki Daishoken's rich Chinese noodles

Although it is salt ramen, it seems to be eaten because it has a lot of volume.
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This strawberry Daifuku seems to be popular for desserts.

Kakijiro's strawberry Daifuku for desserts and souvenirs

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Moriya service area that has become convenient and easy to use. If you take a break here on Rockin JAPAN, there are plenty of choices including souvenirs! 2016 festivalGo RidePlease be exciting with a great deal. MADOKA BUS3

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