[Reuse EC/RECOMMERCE] Introducing recommended functions and apps in SHOPIFY!

by Hajime Ozawa

I feel that the number of Ricomers shops is increasing little by little recently.

As you walk around the city, there are various purchase shops and recycle shops, which sell used bags, jewelry, home appliances, and furniture.

However, there are shops that are worried that "there are stores but there is no EC site yet" and "I do not know what to start with the site."

We recommend SHOPIFY for such shops!

What is SHOPIFY?

ShopifyIs a cloud -type platform that supports the development and operation of EC sites.

If you imagine "site construction", you will not be able to do it without "coding" knowledge, but SHOPIFY can build a site without any coding knowledge.


  • theme
  • App

Is available. Use your favorite theme to easily build a page section with drag and drop.

The required functions can be installed in the Shopify app store and can be easily linked with the store.

Of course, it is possible to change the design by coding or add functions that are not in the app store.


So I wonder why Ricomers are good for SHOPIFY.

SHOPIFY is an EC site platform, so it has the necessary functions for EC. If it is a site other than SHOPIFY,It is necessary to develop coding from 1 and develop a function that can be linked to the site from 1.

SHOPIFY is recommended because there are all the functions required for the ricomers site, and it can be easily operated after construction.

There are various ricomers sites that already use SHOPIFY (For more details, check out this article)。

Recommended function for Ricomers!

I will introduce what functions are recommended for Ricomers site.

⭐️ filter

The filter is a narrow function on the product collection page. If you are shopping online, you may have used it. Is a function that makes it easier to find.

The SHOPIFY app store has a lot of filter apps.

So we are preparing this article so I hope you can refer to it!

[Latest in 2023] Filter for SHOPIFY (narrowed) app ranking!

Point 🪄

There are products with various characteristics of purchasing products and selling them again, so if you have a large number of products on the site, you can find the product you are looking for if there is no filter function. I think it is difficult.

To make it easier to find the products you are looking for, set a filter function!

⭐️Point service

Points are a service that can be given points by purchasing by customers and can be exchanged for rewards such as coupons and free products.

that's whyAcquisition of repeaterIt is a recommended function to do.

Image from Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards

There are various point apps.

This article introduces our recommended point apps!

Thorough comparison of members and point programs that can be used in SHOPIFY! 

Point 🪄

The Ricomers EC site is increasing. In addition, various products are on sale."Apart from that, I just need to find a product without having to buy it at this store next time!"I think there are many customers who think. As a result, you can buy it with great effort.repeaterIt will not be.

特にリコマースECサイトでは、リピーターをキープすることは大事なので、購入→ポイントをお返し、貯まったらギフトをプレゼントという流れを作り、「リコマース商品だったら__サイトで探そう!」と思わせるためには、 You will need a point app.

⭐️ Review

A review app is a word -of -mouth function.

I think it's a necessary function to increase the conversion.

This article introduces our recommended review apps!

How to use the review functions that can be done in SHOPIFY 

Point 🪄

I think Ricomers EC site needs a review function. Since the purchase of the product → sale, the customer is really that the condition of each product is described.trustI wonder if it's a store that can be done. So if there is a review function and the customer leaves word of mouth,"This site is not dangerous! Products will be delivered as described on the site!"It is understood and reliability increases.

It will lead to a new conversion, and I think the number of repeaters will increase.

To increase your reliability, set a review app!

⭐️ Newsletter

The e -mail magazine distribution app is a function required for conversion -up repeaters.

Nowadays, it is not EMAIL but SNS / advertisement, and many people are aware that Email distribution is not effective.

SNS / advertisementThen, whether the information has arrived properly, how to reach the desired user, how to raise awareness in the futureVery analysisIs necessary in advance.

on the other hand,E -mail magazine distribution appIf you have the information you want to convey, you can easily create an email and distribute it immediately. If you are registered in the e -mail magazineFans (those who have registered e -mail magazines on the site), those who have purchased in the pastIt is effective to send emails to trusted registrants.

In addition, since the countdown function is installed, GIF is set, template can be widely creative, such as customizing the template.If the content is interesting, you will also like the siteI think.

Image from Klaviyo

Point 🪄

If you distribute the e -mail magazine on the Rico Merars EC site, the user's trust will increase,Interesting content and urgent informationYou can tell immediately.

For example, when you buy a product that you are not very obtained, you can buy ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

  1. Connecting to conversion
  2. More people read the e -mail magazine properly
  3. I should have registered for the e -mail magazine ~ Let's register! The number of people says

Coupon distribution,Sudden saleThere are many sites that operate in announcements. In addition, since you can link the review function and the e -mail magazine app mentioned earlier, I think it is effective to collect the number of reviews.


SHOPIFY is recommended for the sales site for Rico Merows products!

The SHOPIFY app store has a variety of functions (especially the features introduced), so it can be a user -friendly site.

At our go -ride, we have built a Ricomers EC site in the past.

We will support you such as building and renovation of the site, so please feel free to contact us!


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